"just boycott
the movie completely"
By Stuart Wood: 2005-11-24

At the premiere of her latest movie Mrs Henderson Presents...,
Dame Judi Dench revealed to Empire Online that she will be
reprising her role as M, head of MI-6, in the new Bond movie
Casino Royale

M has been previously portrayed originally and most memorably
by Bernard Lee and later by Robert Brown with Judi Dench
stepping in when Pierce Brosnan took over the Bond role. Where
they're going with this now I am not sure. Yet again the
producers have taken a step which completely undermines the
original outlay of the movie they were promoting hard, which was
that this movie, like the book, would essentially be a prequel to
previous adventures.

First they undermine this by casting a man who neither looks, or
indeed is, significantly younger than any of his predecessors.
Now they cast the woman who, in Goldeneye, Bond directly
references as a NEW head of MI-6, REPLACING the previous M.

Somebody needs to make up their mind what stance this movie
is taking. If they had just ignored the whole "prequel" angle and
just simply replaced Bond and decided to take the franchise into
a darker, more serious direction than it had been going there
would be no problem. It's not the first time they tried it, so where
would be the harm. Now the whole project is descending into a
contradictory farce.

And I swear if the rumor is true they've replaced the vital baccarat
games with Texas Hold'em, I might just boycott the movie totally.