‘James Bond’ is shy of suicide
bombers. News

Daniel Craig is friendly with the terrorist?

In a most un-Bond like move Daniel Craig put his foot down about
portraying suicide bombers. Worried about the possibility of offending
the real suicide bombers with an on screen depiction, Craig weasels
his way out of it by demanding the script be changed. So much for
real and gritty.
If Daniel Craig is willing to capitulate to the major fear of the 21st
century, how many more of James Bond's ideals will Craig betray?


‘James Bond’ is shy of suicide bombers  

Craig banned suicide bombers from new Bond film  

James Bond star Daniel Craig vetoed plans to include
suicide bombers in the new 007 movie Casino Royale,
because he didn't want the film to anger Muslims.

The 38-year-old actor told producers not to include
political or religious terrorists in the movie, and to
feature crooks motivated by financial gain instead.

He explains: "Every terrorist in this movie is non-
political. I said, we can't have that (suicide bombers) in
this movie because the connotations of a suicide
bomber are something that lie within religion and

"We have to make sure that all of the guys that are
setting bombs and trying to hurt people are basically
walking away with a suitcase of cash."