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Losers of the Week, Feb. 24:
Craig Looks Like Ross Perot!

Muck Raker
Losers of the Week, Feb. 24, 2006

Daniel Craig

File under LICENCE TO KILL A FRANCHISE. Disgruntled James Bond fans have set
up a Web site ( ) with the expressed wish of 86-ing the new
007. First off, Craig is blond, short, not at all dashing (unless Ross Perot with a
Curious George haircut stirs your martini,), has a rough complexion, and his
protruding ears make his head look like an Aston Martin with both doors open. Craig
is set to star in the new film "Casino Royale," which was once made as a spoof in
the '60s with eight actors portraying James Bond, including David Niven, Woody
Allen, Peter Sellers and a chimpanzee. Hey, I wonder if that little monkey is still