Penguins Take Bond Over
the Weekend.

Penguins Take Bond Over the Weekend

A bunch of lively penguins beat a newly buff
James Bond this weekend. This is bad news for
Daniel Craig and good news for former Bond
Pierce Brosnan. That's because "Casino
Royale" took in about $7 million less than
Brosnan's last Bond feature.

"Die Another Day" had a $47 million opening
weekend in 2002. And "Casino Royale" only
did $5 million better than Brosnan's 1999 Bond
outing, "The World Is Not Enough."

In fact, the world may not be enough for
"Casino Royale." In the end, the over-hyped
action adventure flick may prove to be less of a
blockbuster than Sony and MGM were counting

This isn’t to say that "Casino Royale" with
Craig as 007 isn’t a hit. With some $40 million
in the bank domestically and solid numbers in
the United Kingdom, the remake of the 1967
Bond-parody film into a serious action flick
may wind up being the biggest success in the
series in years.

But it’s a little disconcerting that dancing
penguins could best the international spy on
its opening weekend. According to the figures,
"Casino Royale" finished with $40,600,000.
"Happy Feet," the Warner Bros. musical
cartoon, took in $42,320,000.

Of course, "Happy Feet" has something Bond
doesn’t: the most unusual soundtrack of the
year. It features singing performances by
Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, Robin
Williams, Brittany Murphy and a reworking of
Stevie Wonder’s "I Wish" by Patti LaBelle and
Fantasia .

There’s also a new song by Prince, ironic since
he spent years claiming to be a slave of
Warner Music Group.