Craig Calls The War On
Drugs ‘Hypocritical’; Says
Illicit Drugs Should Be Legal
April 9, 2006

In a recent interview, Daniel Craig -- the latest man chosen to play Britain’s most
famous undercover lawman 007-- had some cynical things to say about legitimate
law enforcement’s efforts against illegal drugs. Craig even states that such drugs
should not be illegal.

Q: Do you think it's absurd that drugs are illegal?

DANIEL: I do, I think we kid ourselves that people…that governments…don't make
huge amounts of money…it's good hard cash. And it's untraceable, that's what
people use drugs for, you've got a huge amount of cash and no one knows about it.
And we kid ourselves about the fact that people don't still use them. And more money
can be made off them if they are illegal. The whole system is hypocritical. I think (the
problem) should be addressed in much more intelligent way, but it won't happen till
people stop using them for their own good. spokesperson Deanna Brayton had this to say about Craig’s
remarks on drugs, “It continues to stun lifelong Bond fans that EON Productions
has chosen a man with such lawless views on law and order to play 007. We guess
that Craig is not aware of the millions of lives destroyed by illegal drugs; nor has he
heard about all the members of the law enforcement community that have risked or
sacrificed their lives to protect us from the ravages of drugs.”

Craig’s comments can be found at the following site: