Craig Sucks as Bond!

Silver Bullet Comics

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Posted: Saturday, May 20
By: Ray Tate

“This week has been for me a bad one. I did something extremely stupid. I
downloaded the trailer for Casino Royale. I gave Daniel Craig a chance, and he
sucks. Craig exudes the musk of Joel Schumacher, and he will assassinate the
Bond franchise. I do not believe in changing the gender or race of a character
created by somebody else, but if Daniel Craig is the best non-Brosnan white guy
the franchise believed able to comport the necessary gravitas to James Bond, then
maybe they should have thought in broader terms. I say cast Angelina Jolie as Jane
Bond or make Bond black and bring in Wesley Snipes. Both stars are classy action
heroes and will do a far better job than Craig can ever hope to do. In short, we Bond
aficionados owe George Lazenby a big apology.”