Dame Dench vouches for Craig:
A new low has been reached.
DanielCraigIsNotBond NEWS

In a low brow move by producers desperate to sell the lemon sucking
countenance of Craig as Bond, Dame Dench related a story about
being surprised by a naked Daniel Craig. This form of publicity is the
lowest of the low. Never before has there been the need to advertise
a Bond movie in such a risqué manner.
The character and reputation of James Bond has been completely
devastated by this kind of last ditch advertising.  Never thought we
would see the day where a ‘XXX’ movie has more class than a James
Bond movie.  

This apparent willingness to use any gimmick to sell their movie can
only speak to the lack of interest Craig has generated as Bond.

After you read the story be sure to scroll down and read how the fans
have reacted to this desperate attempt at last minute advertising.

PR Inside


DAME JUDI DENCH has lavished praise on DANIEL
CRAIG's manhood, insisting the JAMES BOND actor's
penis is "an absolute monster".
The Oscar winner, who plays M in the 007 movies, used
a trailer opposite Craig during the shooting for CASINO
ROYALE, and was surprised to find the 38-year-old
actor wandering naked outside one day.
Dench recalls fondly, "It's an absolute monster. Sorry, I
shouldn't say that, should I? How uncouth of me."
Fan reactions to Dench’s uncouth revelation:

            Warning some comments may be graphic in nature.
007 EmasculationWatch:

  • SugartitsMcFirecrotch
Yeah, I'm going to call
bullshit on Dame Judi (much
as I like her, in fact she's the
only reason I'd deign to see
this new aBondmination).

For his sake, I can only hope
that Daniel's "monster" is a
grower, as it apparently ain't a

  • Xenu

What's the smart money
Daniel Craig gets Lazenby'd?
10/30/06 04:50 PM

  • The Gen X Eurotrash
    Jetsetter Club

If by monster you mean
Pokemon... or maybe

Xenu, we can only hope.
Casting someone that
godawful ugly as the suavest
male figure in movie
iconography is a slap in the
face to straight women
everywhere. The only bigger
insult is paying off his
coworkers to lie about his
'prowess'. Puh-lease.

Plus, they've had nearly a year
to find him a Katie Holmes
and NO ONE has taken the
bait. Although chances are
high his date for the premiere
will be Jessica Simpson...
10/30/06 06:22 PM

  • Xenu

I don't want to sound like a
Craig defender here - I don't
give a rat's ass about Bond
films, quite honestly - but
calling him "godawful ugly" is
a bit unfair. He may not be
Sean Connery or Roger
Moore, but he's no
Dominique Pinon, either.

The Broccolis are notoriously
restrictive and, I suspect, drive
a fairly hard bargain. I think
it's less that they loved Craig's
look as much as he's the best-
looking, biggest name they
could afford who would
acquiesce to their ridiculous
list of demands.

The best thing that could
happen to Bond - for the
predictable writing, the
lackluster directing, and the ill-
fitted casting (Judi Dench
aside) - is to have this
franchise wrestled away from
the Broccoli family.
10/30/06 06:34 PM

  • Scout Scout

OK, I don't want to hear the
British bitch about how crude
we Americans are ever again.
10/30/06 07:10 PM

  • SugartitsMcFirecrotch

Xenu, I loves you like crazy -
your evil wit is one of my
favorite Defamer perks, but
here I have to side with the
equally wonderful Gen X.

Casting Daniel Craig as 007
would be on a par with the
Lazenby fiasco . . . except that
Craig can at least act (e.g.,
Munich), some.
10/30/06 09:29 PM

  • valet_of_the_dolls

Xenu, Sugartits, I concur; not
that I find Daniel attractive -
there's no substitute for rough
trade - but I think Clive Owen
might have been more

(Even Jason Statham, I think,
although that could be the
wine talking.)
10/30/06 10:11 PM

  • valet_of_the_dolls

Sorry. In that last comment,
Xenu=Gen X.

Definitely the wine talking.
10/30/06 10:12 PM
  • valet_of_the_dolls

"attractive" s/b
"unattractive". Those
shooters were probably a bad
10/30/06 10:21 PM

  • Tiger_Tanaka

GEEK ALERT: As if my
handle didn't give it away
already - I've seen all the
Bonds and I was ready to
rubbish the whole thing.

Who's actually seen the
movie? I saw Casino Royale -
thought it and Craig were
great. No punchline. Best
Bond flick in many, many,
many years. I'll stop there.

10/31/06 12:30 AM

  • raincoaster says:

The Dench story is fake;
doesn't it remind you of the
nanny who "fu**ed tiny-
pricked Colin Farrell"? Either
Dame Judi is getting on and
has mixed up the men in
question or this story is as
fake as that one. I've seen
10/31/06 03:14 AM

  • Tits McGhee is on

Daniel Craig may not be
"pretty", but he's certainly
sexy. The dick, however, is a
different story.
10/31/06 08:47 AM

  • Panqueque

You guys. She totally just
wanted to say that she saw
him naked. She didn't know
how else she could bring it up.
And if you're going to go
there, you can't exactly say, "I
saw it and it's average-to-

Also, she might be trying to
hit it. Don't hate the playa,
hate the game, y'all.

  • Oh Bond
    will turn into a gay icon.
    Nobody talked about
    Connery like that!
    Everything about Craig as
    Bond smells like centuries
    old stilton cheese. Dame
    Judi, this is beneath you.
    Lay off the cognac .

  • Maybe he does but does
    he know how to use it?
    Unless you’re his partner
    does it even matter? There’
    s also a good chance Judy
    Dench said nothing of the
    sort, this is the Star we’re
    talking about.
by Kaze, Bristol, England

  • I prefer Pierce Brosnan as
    James Bond. He is a lot
    better looking than
    Daniel. It seems like Bond
    should be dark-haired.
by Anita, Cleveland OH US

  • Saying that the new Bond
    has ”an enormous Willy”
    is a great way to get
    publicity. I highly doubt
    that Dame Judi would
    make such a statement
    though. She’s been
    around a while, and I’m
    sure she knows what not
    to say. As far as Daniel
    Craig’s penis is concerned
    thoughthe size or quality
    of it doesn’t affect
    anything but his personal
    sex life. So, he’s hung—
    will that make him a
    better James Bond?
    Maybe it’s a confidence
by cate
MI6 Forums

  • Nick_Nack_

PostPosted: 31-Oct-2006 01:02 AM    
"Uncouth" sort of sums it up,
doesn't it.

  • Jack Wade
PostPosted: 31-Oct-2006 01:13 AM    
I have a hard time believing Judi
Dench said that.

  • B. Brown        
PostPosted: 31-Oct-2006 01:15

All right.

Excitement about seeing this movie,
for me, has dropped 5%.

  • GAThrawnIGF

PostPosted: 31-Oct-2006 01:42
Shocked Shocked Shocked I nearly
spewed my soda all over the
computer when I read the title,
thinking I misread it...Then I opened

I don't know whether to be excited
or shocked....I guess a mix of both...
at least the sex scenes are realistic

  • Robbie313

PostPosted: 31-Oct-2006 05:27 AM

What the bloody hell...?!

I'd better not be spending $8.75 to
see Daniel Craig's penis or ass.

  • sisillius

PostPosted: 31-Oct-2006 08:37 PM    
Oh, it's all part of the publicity
machine. When a story like this hits
the news stands, it's going to make a
lot of young women (and gay men)
want to go to see CR -- especially if
they're hot on DC -- with the
possibility that they're going to see
his wedding tackle. This is not going
to happen though, because this
movie is only a 12A.
If you want meat and two veg, you
have to look for it on a cert 18 menu.

  • bjmdds
31-Oct-2006 09:52 PM

if you think this topic is of ANY
relevance to the success of CR at the
box office, forget it! You supposedly
own a video store. If people want
pornography, they go to the XXX
section, correct? Worry more about
Happy Feet being released
November 17, and then Denzel
Washington's Deja Vu, 5 days later.
Both will affect the box office take
of CR, not Dench's opinion of
Craig's 'monster'.