Bond Fans Say Save
Close-ups for Brosnan

UK public vote which celebrities they’d want to get HD-close to

Think HDTV, think skin care products.

At least, that’s what Clinique want celebrities to do, now that there’s an increasing
chance they’ll be seen in people’s high-def homes.

Clinique surveyed one thousand members of the British public to see which
celebrities they’d most like to see in high-def.

•        Kate Middleton finished above Chelsy Davy with 75% of the votes.

•        64% would prefer to get up close with Steve McClaren rather than Sven
Goran Erickson with 36%.

•        42% of UK voters rated Tony Blair above rivals David Cameron and Gordon
Brown. Gordon finished bottom of the politics poll with 21%.

•       Cameron was more popular than Blair with 55+ age group, but lost out on the
street cred stakes with twice as many of the 16-24 age group preferring an up
close with Blair.

•        71% would prefer to see Pierce Brosnan up close rather than Daniel Craig.

•        In the ongoing battle of Aniston v Jolie, Aniston came out on top.

•        53% of people would prefer to see celebrities looking slightly flawed: 60% of
women agreed with this statement whilst 76% of men would prefer their
celebrities to look perfect (oh, what a surprise)

So there you go. Celebs, make sure your skincare regime is in place so you look
your best in the brave new world of HD.