Boycott! 007 is Bourne
again: The growing pains of
James Bond
–Another dirty tirade
Feeling at home in an extremely friendly interview actor Daniel Craig shows his true colors by
cursing a blue streak.
The ill-tempered, foul mouthed actor goes on a tirade using the F word to curse at 007 fans who
dare question him.

Craig’s vulgar language shows how inarticulate, un-Bond like and unsophisticated he is.
It only goes further to support the position held by many fans that Daniel Craig has neither the
class required for the role of Bond, nor the character to be the caretaker of such a beloved and
iconic movie hero.

007 is Bourne again: The growing pains of James Bond

We first meet the new OO7 in the toilet. An inglorious intro? Hardly. It's Bond's most furious,
brutal close-quarter scrap since Connery took on Shaw in From Russia With Love. Daniel Craig
announces himself as the new Bond - a younger, harder, cockier and more vulnerable Bond -
with teeth-rattling effectiveness. Shot jagged and loose in tense monochrome, Casino Royale's
gasp-snatching pre-credit opener sees the spy in a desperate grapple-and-batter brawl, tearing
through a mêlée of shattered porcelain, torn cubicle doors and lacerated skin before finally
drowning his opponent in a wash-basin. "How did he die?" comes the question as Bond's
flashback ends. Craig's eyes glint as he considers his answer for a millisecond. "Not well."

Time to settle the arguments. Having sat down with DC and watched him in action, Total Film
can confirm here and now that he's nothing short of sensational. "Good!" grins Craig. "Well, I
mean that's the plan. We wanted the action to be bloody, gritty and real." But while he packs the
skills of Jason Bourne and energised the physicality of Ethan Hunt, Casino Royale's MI6
superagent is still suave, smart, witty and very British. "People assume we're f*cking with it, but
the world has moved on and this is an act of progression," explains Craig. "It's the first Bond
and it still is Bond. But 'OO' doesn't mean shooting people, it means making a decision, and that
makes Bond a dangerous human being." Yes, but does it matter that he's blond? Craig laughs.
"Oh, f*ck off...