Rumour From Sony Sources:
The Return of the Real 007;
Brosnan Back as Bond?

Gossip Monkey - 26/6/06
Posted by Clint Morris on June 26, 2006

Still Bonding Part II

I heard from a comrade at Sony, that Kevin McClory might be – but admittedly, when
hasn’t he been? – interested in doing a second remake of “Thunderball”. You’ll
remember that McClory has the remake rights to that film, and that film only, and has
already redone it once – as 1982’s “Never say Never Again”. What’s amusing is that
my Sony contact - I can tell you that he’s an executive producer on something out
soon - tells me that all the folks that were ‘runners up’ for “Casino Royale” – a.k.a
‘the official Bond’ film – are being considered for the role of James Bond in the new
“Thunderball”. They include everyone from to Dougray Scott to Joel Edgerton and
……Pierce Brosnan. Yep, apparently there’s some serious talk that the opposing
crowd might – like they did with Sean Connery – be trying to sway Brosnan into
doing another Bond movie. That would be a real kick in the teeth for EON, wouldn’t