moviehole: Superman Dead? Bad Omen
For Bond???
Does the doom of the Man of Steel spell the death of James
Bond? The box office was kryptonite for the latest Superman
film. With all of the changes combined with the odd-looking
Daniel Craig, we can see a similar headline in Bond's future.

Superman dead?
Posted by Clint Morris on August 14, 2006

Is the recently relaunched "Superman" series over before it's
even begun? Maybe. Variety has an interesting article up
today, suggesting that the Man of Steel might have flown by
his cloud.

Anything you hear about the “Superman Returns” sequel – for
instance, those rumours about Jude Law playing General Zod
– is premature. A “Superman Returns” sequel isn’t a sure-
thing, because the first film has lost a trough of money, says
the trade. If the studio does greenlight a second chapter, it will
have to be much, much cheaper.

Warners and co-financing partner Legendary Pictures have a
shot at breaking even on "Superman" once all the revenue
streams are accounted for, but it's going to be a long, tough

According to the trade, Warners and Legendary -- which splits
all profits with the studio down the middle -- are counting on
strong home entertainment sales to make up for slower-than-
expected box office.

If the DVD does – excuse the pun – take off, then a
“Superman Returns” sequel is possible – Bryan Singer has
hinted that he’d be keen to get it in theatres in 2009 - but it’s
not going to be the uber-expensive venture that the first film