Bond Race Row
British actor Colin Salmon (a much more appropriate choice for the
role of James Bond than the odd character actor Daniel Craig) has
unmasked EON productions racism.
This startling revelation has EON productions scrambling to cover
themselves. In this case their actions speak louder than their words,
EON’s recent history provides a rich resource showing their prejudice
in several other areas as well.

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Superspy wannabe COLIN SALMON has accused JAMES BOND
bosses of snubbing him for the role of 007 because he is black.
The actor, who appeared in DIE ANOTHER DAY as spy
CHARLES ROBINSON, was hotly tipped to replace PIERCE
BROSNAN as the famous British agent.
Brosnan even recommended Salmon to take his place - but he
was pipped to post by DANIEL CRAIG.

Now the 44 year old claims producers chose Craig because
they feared film fans would reject a black Bond.

He says, "It's a shame I didn't get the part. But there will
never be a black Bond. God, they can't even have a blond
Bond without everyone going crazy." Salmon won't even get
the chance to reprise his role as Robinson in CASINO ROYALE,
and he is bitter former co-star DAME JUDI DENCH got to keep
her part playing MI6 boss M.
He says, "It makes no sense. They've got rid of Q, MISS
MONEYPENNY yet they keep Dench in it. It's confusing."
However, a spokeswoman for Bond production company EON
denies racism: "I think it's a rather below the belt allegation
and I can't believe Colin has suggested it.
"Since it wasn't impossible for there to be a blond Bond, then
it's not impossible for there to be a black Bond." Casino Royale
is released in cinemas later this year (06).