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Casino Royale Trailer:
It "Doesn't look or feel
like a 'Bond flick' "

(Casino Royale) doesn't look or feel like a "Bond flick"

May 2, 2006

Yesterday we presented you with the first CASINO ROYALE poster and today comes
the first real look at the film itself via a French teaser trailer that just so happened to
make its way online. As my good friend Arrow has been pointing out for a while now,
the film really doesn't look or feel like a "Bond flick" looks and feels like
an action film like any other starring a blonde-haired guy with a buff bod -- and since
when was Bond built like a rock?

Furthermore, why is the first half of the trailer in black and white, and does Daniel
Craig have any other look on his face other than the one in which he appears to be
sucking on a lemon? Meh. I'm not all that excited about the film anymore, as it seems
to have taken away most of the Bond mystique and replaced it with a generic action
hero guy. Let's hope it gets better by the time the film is released on November 17th
of this year.