Hollywood: Craig might need
Botox in the future.

New James Bond Daniel Craig, who has been on the
receiving end of negative criticism from die hard 007
fans for his blonde hair and rugged looks, is now being
advised by experts to undergo Botox injections if he
intends to continue playing the Bond role.


New JAMES BOND DANIEL CRAIG is being urged to
undergo Botox injections if he wants to play 007 for
years to come. Top celebrity skin expert DR VAIL REESE
insists the British actor is too craggy to play the suave
superspy and he wants the new Bond to at least fix his
furrowed brow.
Reese, who runs celebrity skin website,
says, "Most actors would take out a license to kill to
play the superspy, but instead Craig just looks grumpy.
His furrow appears deeper than the average Bond girl's
decolletage. "A large part of the appeal of 007 has been
his nonchalance in the face of danger and Craig's
perpetual frown could be lightened with a Botox
treatment, an injection that relaxes the brow muscles. A
calmer appearance could undermine the confidence of
conniving villains. "After all that 007 has done to save
the world, can't the franchise spare him a little Botox?"