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Bond film setback to cause problems for Activision?
by Tom Bramwell
04/09/06 13:17

Activision's sketchy plan to release its first James Bond game in May 2008 has been thrown
into doubt by reports that "Bond 22" - the film it'll be based on - is now due out on November
7th 2008 instead.

Just to be clear: we're the ones throwing it into doubt. Activision UK declined to comment on our
suggestion that it would retarget the game to match the film's date, although the American arm
of the company could spring into action overnight.

The news of Bond's cinematic delay comes from the Hollywood Reporter, which ran a story
called "Bond 22 will 'stay course' for Nov. '08" this week, quoting Sony Pictures Entertainment
vice chairman Jeff Blake. "Eighteen months was a very short window," he said, referring to the
gap between Casino Royale, which is due out this year, and the proposed May 2008 release
date, before saying they'd "stay the course" for November instead. Apparently Sony Pictures
hasn't found a director for it either after the original Activision CEO Bobby Kotick had said last
month that Bond 22's big-screen date - then May - would be the "focus" of Treyarch's
development of the game.

We'll let you know whether Activision has anything to say about its Bond 22 prospects, although
we might have to wait a while for details. Either way they've got time to burn.chap, Roger
Michell, left the project citing creative differences.