Bond-Troversy Continues

EON productions is facing more controversy because of their attitudes and
Actor Colin Salmon who played Charles Robinson in Tomorrow Never Dies,
The World is Not Enough, and Die Another Day has accused EON
productions of racism. We believe his claim has merit.
EON has a pattern of discrimination in the past, continuing recently with
Barbara Broccoli dismissing actors because of what we can only assume
are her own personal prejudices.

With the exception of Judi Dench, everyone who has worked with EON for
the last four Bond movies has been unceremoniously dismissed and
treated in what can only be considered a discourteous manner.  The apple
has fallen a very long way from the tree as far as Cubby Broccoli’s children
are concerned.

Our objections to Craig are because he is wrong for the role, this blatant
fact is based on more than his looks. Blond hair is the least of Craig's
offensive attributes, most of the fan objections to Craig never mention his
hair color. If you have read our opinions you know Craig’s behaviors along
with his disdainful attitudes have marked him as an ugly choice.

We have to say that Colin Salmon is a vastly superior choice for James
Bond than the oddball foul mouthed Daniel Craig. Salmon definitely has
the charm, the class and the looks, we hope Hollywood does not pass up
on such great leading man material.

Bond-Troversy Continues

British actor Colin Salmon has accused the production company
behind James Bond of racism, after reports he was snubbed for
the role of the debonair super agent because he is black

Salmon — who appeared in Die Another Day as spy Charles
Robinson — had been rumoured to replace Pierce Brosnan as 007
in the upcoming Casino Royale, the World Entertainment News
Network reports. The outgoing Brosnan even gave Salmon his
endorsement, before the studio went with current Bond, Daniel

Now, Salmon alleges producers chose Craig because they worried
fans would reject a black Bond.

“It's a shame I didn't get the part. But there will never be a black
Bond,” he says. “God, they can't even have a blond Bond without
everyone going crazy.”

A spokeswoman for EON, the production company behind Bond
denies the allegation: “I think it's a rather below the belt
allegation and I can't believe Colin has suggested it.

“Since it wasn't impossible for there to be a blond Bond, then it's
not impossible for there to be a black Bond.”