"Nervousness about the new film is
DanielCraigIsNotBond News

“We are trying to make it a PG film.” -Michael G.
Wilson [perhaps worried about selling tickets]

"Potentially, you cheapen your brand [James
Bond] if you do this." Daniel Craig

“ ‘Don’t let someone screw it up. It’s okay if you
do that, but not someone else’ ”  -Barbara Broccoli
allegedly quoting Cubby.

"I made three Tomb Raiders" –Daniel Craig

“Nervousness about the new film is intense, as I
found out at a five-minute 'taster'”

Another awful performance from the constantly sour and
dower Craig in a very friendly interview with The Times.
Closed off and aloof from an individual who tried to charm
Craig by offering compliments.
Craig is so distant that much of the article is filled so with
what interviewer imagines the glum, tight lipped, pinched
faced Craig’s reactions could be.
Obviously he received nothing from Craig in a way that could
be considered contributing to the article.

To make matter worse, the worst mistake in the history for
the franchise, Daniel Craig, shows why he is the Esquires ‘Best
Dressed Man’ by showing up to an interview in jeans and a
polo shirt. It should be noted that the unremarkable Bond was
not hounded by fans and did not have to fight off any requests
for his autograph.

The apparent first impression of this interviewer is that Craig
doesn't seem like Bond.
When Craig is mentioned the descriptions matches a villain or
henchmen from one of Fleming’s novels not James Bond. For
example the interviewer describes Craig as that "His
lunchtime performance is more like one of 007’s dull-eyed
enemies than Bond himself."

Craig fails to shine, instead he demonstrates what we’ve been
saying all along, he is wrong for the role. The entire tone of
the interview is one of discomfort and surliness, full of vulgar
and inappropriate words. All attempts at intelligent
conversation were foiled by the sour, ill-tempered thespian.
Rejecting conversation the foul mouthed cretin responds in
boorish, juvenile, profanity-laced unBond like simple

However, interestingly in an interview very light on the facts
and fact checking, some of  facts brought up near the end are
eye openers.
Crag admits to having been in talks with Barbra and trying to
get the role years ago.

Barbra says Cubby told her it was ok to screw up the franchise
as long as she was the one who did it.

Daniel implies that he doesn't respect and doesn’t understand
the Bond role in statements like: “I told them Bond needed to
change. Even if it fails.” Adding "Potentially, you cheapen your
brand [James Bond] if you do this."

When asked about his three picture deal Craig responded that
it’s a standard. “I did three Tomb Raiders.”

here to read The Times interview for yourself.