Sunday Mirror: Craig Poor
Man's James Bond

Proving Once Again It's Not About The Quality Of The Actor It's About How Cheap
They Work. EON Buys Danny From The Discount Bin, 9 Million For 3 Movies. Gee
Danny Do You Wash Barbra's Car Between Takes Too?

Sunday Mirror

James Bond star Daniel Craig has signed up for two more movies as the suave
super-spy - but at a knockdown price - the Sunday Mirror (UK) speculates.

Blond Daniel is being paid far less for the role than 007 predecessor Pierce Brosnan.

Craig, 38, is banking £1.5 million for the new Bond film, Casino Royale, which opens
in November.

For the next film, set for release in May 2008, he will receive £3 million. And he will
pocket between £4 million and £4.5 million for his third outing as Bond two years

The movies could earn him a total of £9 million. But that pales in comparison to the
£22 million Brosnan, 56, received for his four Bond movies.

A Bond insider said: "Daniel is very much a poor man's 007. He's facing an uphill
battle to win over Bond fans before Casino Royale is even released, and it looks like
the producers got him slightly on the cheap. For a role like this you would actually
expect him to get a lot more."

Brosnan lost his role as the super-spy when he reportedly demanded £22 million to
appear in Casino Royale.

Craig's spokesman refused to comment on how much he was being paid, but said:
"Daniel is very happy with the arrangements."