Craig shaken by Bond attacks
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The blond actor with the rough face of a professional boxer
took a moment recently to recognize yours truly. We are so
happy he noticed us!!

However we should set the record straight. It was Daniel
Craig’s friends who first referred to him as Mr. Potatohead,
and it was Daniel Craig himself who first acknowledged his
craggy looks. While we would truly love to take all the
credit for his discomfort, apparently most of his venom is
directed at the press. Danny how could you miss our fine
selection of fan art?

It is obvious who the real bully here is. We are a collection
of fans working together in a common cause. And he is man
with over $100 million dollars of advertising and PR behind
him, not to mention the studio’s internet division that
miraculously appears when needed most to sing his praises.

Craig’s repugnant violent threats and his compulsive need
to brag are only the tip of the iceberg of the many reasons
the movie going public and the fans have objected to him.

Craig’s reaction to honest criticism from the fans has no
place in the Bond franchise. It should be remembered that
Craig was originally reluctant to take the role up because he
didn't feel he fitted the bill. Rightfully so.  

Surprisingly Craig made several prophetic statements
concerning the public reaction to his potential casting:

"I asked everybody, passers-by, the lot. 'Hello mate, can I
talk to you about Bond?' I would ask, to which they would
respond, 'Get lost, lunatic,'"

“I said I was very honoured but I couldn’t actually consider
this. In a fantasy, yes. But not in reality”

"Potentially, you cheapen your brand [James Bond] if you
do this."

“The film [Casino Royale] may become a 'poisoned chalice'
if I’m not accepted as Bond.”

“But these people think that I’m going to f*** with it in a
way that is going to destroy it. This is bigger than me.”

Since our opposition came as no surprise to him, it makes
us wonder what is really behind this hate filled tirade. Could
it be the poison chalice?

Craig shaken by Bond attacks

Staff and agencies
Thursday November 2, 2006

Guardian Unlimited

Daniel Craig has admitted to having been shaken, if not
outright stirred, by personal attacks on his credentials to
play 007.
In the wake of the announcement that Craig was to star in
Casino Royale, the British actor faced criticism from
contributors to the website

The comments mocked him for possessing large ears, for
being blond, for having "a potato face" and for generally
being spectacularly ill-equipped to fill the shoes of
outgoing Bond Pierce Brosnan.

In the guise of his fictional alter ego, Craig looks set to
face far more deadly attacks than the catcalls of a few
diehard fans. But the actor confided to GQ magazine that
the comments were wounding. "Some of the stuff that's
been said is as close to a playground taunt as you are
going to get," he said, "'You've got big ears!' Fucking hell!"
He added: "But [if] you ask anyone who has been bullied,
they know it hurts. It is not right. There is a part of me
that would love to turn it around and shove it up their

Instead, Craig said, he is taking a different tactic. "The only
way I can do that is to get this right. Believe me, no one
cares about this more than I do." Casino Royale opens
worldwide on November 17.