Entertainment Tonight:
Pierce Brosnan
Reveals His Dark Side


Pierce Brosnan Reveals His Dark Side

April 25, 2006

After receiving a Golden Globe nomination for his comedic turn as a middle-aged
assassin facing a mid-life crisis in 'The Matador,' PIERCE BROSNAN is taking on the
gritty role of a kidnapper who pulls a family apart in the independent thriller 'Butterfly
on a Wheel.'

"[The title suggests] using extreme force to crush something that is very fragile,"
says Pierce.

In his new film, which the star describes as a "tight thriller," the story revolves
around a happily married couple whose life unravels when their daughter is
abducted. Over the course of a day, the kidnapper -- a cold and calculating
sociopath -- dismantles the family's lives with brutal efficiency.

Look for a very different Pierce to emerge, as the actor is seeking darker roles
following his successful run as super-agent 'James Bond.'

"At this point in my career, everything's open," he tells ET. "When you have a TV
show or a franchise, you have a safe haven, more or less. But when you don't have
either of those, you look for the best possible roles with the best possible directors
to work with. I'm still passionate about what I do and love what I do."