UPI: -China to continue
blackout with 'Royale'

China to boycott Casino Royale? NEWS

China to continue blackout with 'Royale'
BEIJING, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- China reportedly will continue its
practice of blacking out foreign films in favor of homegrown
endeavors when "Casino Royale" is released later this year.

The Communist nation delayed the national release of
Hollywood films such as "Miami Vice" and "World Trade
Center" earlier this year in favor of national releases and
Daily Variety reported that Chinese officials plan to do the
same with the Nov. 17 launch of the newest James Bond film.

The Chinese blackouts have become a major impediment for
Hollywood executives since the delayed launch dates result in
major revenue losses and the 21st Bond film appears to be
the latest victim.

China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
head Tong Gang said that the current blackout campaign is
oriented towards showcasing "the rich, colorful and true-to-life
state of domestic films."

Daily Variety said due to the ongoing domestic film campaigns,
the first Bond film ever scheduled to open in China could now
see its launch delayed until 2007 and that is only if it passes
the country's stringent censors.