007 Winding Down

Gossip Monkey - 1/6/06
Posted by Clint Morris on June 1, 2006

007 Winding Down

This one time, at Bond Camp. It’ll all wind down soon, people. I’m talking about
filming. Then the real marketing hype will take place. As with all the Bond movies,
“they’re” saying “it’s the best yet”. Well, obviously words like that would be
spouted. People aren’t gonna say “It’s the crappiest Bond” or “It’s the third best
Bond movie yet!” or “we haven’t exactly made a Bond film, so try and imagine it isn’
t, but please see it, as it’s like the Bourne movies!” One mistake with the Bond name
is tapping into the kiddie market and doing those Young Bond books. What the..?
You get some funny guy that Johnny Depp likes, who has the slightest fondness for
Bond, yet has absolutely no experience in penning such a genre and you give him
the right to go where he likes with a teenage James Bond character!! Now I hear
whispers that the big noises wanna tap into the movie market and do an adaptation
of this “Fast Show” guy’s book! Ok, not only will continuity be out the window for
“Royale”, but for Young Jimmy Bond too. All for what? It’s a simple desperate let’s
make more money, screw the fans, its history and creator fact. Care has gone out
the window. All need now is a court case that could crank up the marketing. Roger
Michell is apparently coming on board to direct Bond 22, but some reckon it’s
Campbell again. You know I’m just waiting on a Bond 23 rumor!! I noticed Samantha
Bond is credited on IMDB. Hmm, really? My lawyer was on a plane to Oslo once and
she was sat behind him. Not that has anything to do with this, but it’s more