No Time To Debut 3: The Delayening

Waiting for No Time To Die like…



Well we’re fast approaching the release date for No Time To Die, I wonder if they’ll spring for another Super Bowl ad this year?…

The 25th James Bond film to be released in October 2021


This is one hell of a press release!:

“No Time To Die will be released in cinemas globally on 8 October 2021.”

That is it in it’s entirety! Whoa there EON don’t talk my ear off with you grand explanations! You don’t want to show too much respect to the fandom by over explaining yourself!

Another day, another delay, so this turkey has been pushed back yet again? To October this time, huh, why not November? I guess EON can’t afford an extra million dollars of MGM’s money on one more interest payment? So this film is supposedly coming out in October now, if it doesn’t get pushed again. The Covid vaccine won’t be distributed to the general public until fall here in the U.S. so an October premiere seems a bit ambitious. Even if the medicine gets out to the public, theaters will be limited in capacity for the first few months of reopening at least and will audiences flock to theaters to sit shoulder to shoulder in an enclosed darkened room? Either way not exactly a license to print money

What empty theaters are come October?

Remember in March of 2020 when Craig stated how impossible it was to “…keep Trump out of this film”?  When the comment first hit the media I had this to say:

“…politics in film have their place and Dan has every right to his opinion, however to interject those opinions into an action adventure film meant as a bit of escapist entertainment seems misguided and decadent. I’m not saying there is no place in Bond for political themes or current events, they’ve been done almost since the beginning, however the more political the story the more dated the film and the politics were never partisan… at least until now”

I still stand by that remark and now even more so, if this flop comes out in October or even later, that will be at minimum 10 full months since a new president has taken the reins in the United States. Considering the levels of Attention Deficit Disorder permeating the populous, will anyone even remember “The Donald” three quarters of a year later? Certainly not at the levels of November 2019 and those who do will be trying to forget.

I seem to vaguely recall an “Orange Man” and that he was of the “Bad” variety, but other than that it’s rather fuzzy.

You just had to shoehorn topical matters into your film, because nothing will ever change in politics?! Doing so makes your film feel dated a few years later and now this atomic bomb will be dated the second it hits theaters!

Way to go genius!

Hopefully the film makers will use this extra time to erase or at least severely soften the polemics inserted into this movie, though considering how Bro-feld survived so many hurtles, I doubt it, I suppose time will tell.

No Time To Tell

Something the producers seem to have softened on in this film, is the death of the Craig-Bond. YouTuber Tom Conners of the channel Midnight’s Edge has claimed on various livestreams of other channels, he has a source inside MGM/EON who has seen the film. Conners won’t go into much detail claiming it would burn his source, but has made two assertions. The first, this film “Last Jedi’s” Bond as he puts it, meaning it humiliates and emasculates the character. To which I say with all due respect…

No shit Sherlock.

Anyone who’s followed this production even loosely knows Bond has been shoved to the corner and anyone who has seen the last two films knows not only has Bond been experiencing emasculation but his relevance has been questioned in each picture as well. None of this is groundbreaking news. The real news however is the fact Craig-Bond survives the film! I imagine that plot point may be the outcome of the supposed test screening which bombed early last year. The news of this screening was also broken by the same YouTuber, so make of that what you will.


Here we are then, another ten months minimum until Dan Craig’s “Swann” song.

Get it? Because her character’s name is Swann!

At any rate tuck yourself in and go back to sleep for another year, party’s over, turn out the lights, it’s all over for now.

Nighty night Bond fans.

  2 comments for “No Time To Debut 3: The Delayening

  1. Spot on Dirty Benny. Ms. Broccoli accomadated Daniel’s schedule and now we get A Pseudo Bond every 6 years. LALD came out in 73 than MWTGG in 74, Babs has nobody but herself for getting caught by the time table of the beer bug. Cubby never waited for Rog to Make Cannonball Run while delaying Bond. The Bond we knew is dead. I actually hope Bond takes a longer hiatus and the rights are sold to somebody who will honor the character and the legacy. Craig wants to play it serious and change the character; Dalton played it serious and honored the character. Btw- No way Daniel Craig is 5 10. Cubby would not consider you unless you were at least 6 1. It is almost a metaphor on how the franchise has shrunk. Honey, I shrunk James Bond.

    • Thank you Jason, yes Babz dragging her feet for 3 years so she could woo ($$$$$) back her dusty, expired actor and court another auteur director whom she didn’t use anyway! No way Babz sells these rights, they’re the only thing keeping her relevant in Hollywood. As The Rhythm Section proved she has no production prowess unless she’s spending ungodly amounts of MGM’s money on an established franchise. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll bring in a production boss with passion to run the show as her proxy, however I doubt it.

      P.S. Dan is 5’10″+ depending on the size of the lifts in his shoes and which soap box he’s standing upon!

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