Dirty Benny Will Return In “?”

“The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated,” or so the quote goes. “I shall return,” goes another. As you may have noticed I’ve been absent from these pages the past 6+ months, unfortunately when real life gets too “real,” “reel” life i.e. this blog must take a back seat. An industrial injury and a transfer from one division to another at work, as well as all the various trials and tribulations one must contend with in daily life had conspired against me, causing my pen to lay silent. I’m happy to report those things are falling behind me now and I can get back to some more frivolous business.

“Greeeat, just what we needed more of the same empty complaints directed at his greatness, the BESTUST BOND EVA!”

Quite, well now that I’m “back” I’d like to address a question I’ve been faced with quite a bit lately, namely what’s the future of this site now that the “bestust” of Bonds has departed the role? As I’ve stated before I don’t own this site, I’ve just become the defacto lead writer, so I have no say in where it goes from here. My plan is to continue commentating and covering Bond news until the premiere of the next Bond film which will get one of my in-depth review/commentaries. At that time barring a rebranding of this site I will retire, ether triumphantly, heralding in a return to form for our favorite super spy (not likely), or walking away from the series entirely, dejected over what has become of it.

“Save us all the trouble and do it now!”

You may be wondering why…

“Not really.”

Well for those who are, without a rebranding of the site I’m not going to continue griping about how Daniel Craig is figuratively not Bond, when he is literally not Bond.

“Well, he isn’t Bond now sadly, so why continue wasting our time?!”

I figure I’ll stick with it until his replacement becomes “official” premiering their first film, thereby cauterizing Craig’s era as Bond and solidifying the legacy of his tenure. Do the producers continue in his decidedly non-Bond fashion or turn back to the classic formula? When you consider madam Barbra’s comments however, I’m sure it will be more of the same “emotional drama” we’ve come to loath.

“We can only hope!”

So, what does this mean for us, my wonderful friends out there in “rant-land” and I? Well, when the time comes and the decision needs to be made I will gauge the interest of you folks in whether or not I should branch out with a site of my own, a more general fan site with an eye towards the classic style of Bond that we all know and love so much, or am I really just tilting at windmills?

“Don’t bother scrub, nobody likes you!”
Well, we shall see, only time will tell how Dirty Benny will return.

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  1. Good to hear from you, Dirty Benny! Been missing your posts. Two years have passed of that abomination, but there are still things to rant about. Have you heard of that “Cypher” video game crap? How did we get from GoldenEye 64 to *that*? “I had a brudder, his name was Cypher!”

    • Hello and thank you old friend! Yes, plenty to write about, I just need to find the time and energy to do so, to be honest it really just comes down to a lack of enthusiasm on my part. I saw that video game, a top down mobile based time waster to be played while waiting for a bus, shame no one can take a property practically hand made for video games and not be able to give us a proper game in over a decade. A any rate, hopefully I will be pushing forward with some new articles in the near future.

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