Good bye 2020 and Good Riddance!

“Very heartwarming Mr. Wint.” “A glowing tribute Mr. Kidd.”


2020 probably the worst year for Bond fans has finally slipped past. So many iconic names attached to the series have passed away over this year, not to mention the incessant postponement of the latest film in the franchise. Let me give a brief in memorium to honor those who have given us so much enjoyment over the years:

Margret Nolan (1943-Oct. 5th) 

Making the most of her two minutes of screen time as Bond’s masseuse friend Dink in Goldfinger, as well as lending her body to the title sequence of the same film, Ms. Nolan danced her way into the hearts of Bond fans for all eternity.


Peter Lamont (1929-Dec. 18th) 

Starting as a draftsman on Goldfinger and working in some capacity on every film since stopping with Casino Royale (well nobody’s perfect) Mr. Lamont shaped the Bond films iconic style so much that his absence was definitely felt in the films he didn’t touch.


Michael Lonsdale (1931-Sep. 21st)

Mr. Lonsdale one of my personal favorite and certainly the most underrated Bond villain of all time. His performance carried an otherwise unremarkable and over the top film (as much as I enjoy Moonraker you have to admit it is one of the weaker films and without Michael would suffer even more).


Diana Rigg (1938-Sep. 10th) 

Ms. Diana Rigg the only woman who could tame James Bond’s wild heart (well the real Bond anyway). A tremendous actress of stage and screen whose presence on both will sorely be missed.


Honor Blackman (1925-Apr. 5th)

Ms. Blackman the most iconic of Bond girls and my all time favorite, she set the gold standard for all who followed to be measured against.


Sean Connery (1930-Oct. 31st)

What can you say about the man, the myth, the legend Sir Sean Connery, the man who as much as anybody made the cinematic James Bond. I’d argue without Sean’s performance Bond would have never reached the level of iconography he has achieved and enjoys to this day (despite EON’s every attempt to destroy the character).


Along with the tragic passing of so many iconic names attached to the series we also had to endure two delays of the latest EON debacle No Time To Die, extending Daniel Craig’s tenure another year. Had the year gone as planned Bond fans would have had ample opportunity at this point to lick our wounds suffered by the viewing of this crumb’s final crabby, disinterested deconstruction of the iconic character and we would have been free of this omnipresent bomb hanging like the sword of Damocles over the fandom’s head.

I’m going to be Bond FOREVAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


Despite this year being a total bust I hope you and yours were able to garner some enjoyment out of it and I thank you for all of your support and companionship over the past twelve months, it certainly made the year more tolerable for me. Here’s to a better 2021 it definitely can’t be any worse than 2020!

Here’s to you my friends, may 2021 find you better than 2020 left you!

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