<![CDATA[San Jose, CR (PRWEB) February 2, 2007 — Despite initial criticism for being inelegant, bawdy and blonde, Daniel Craig proved a worthy 007 in blockbuster hit Casino Royal. But according to a survey conducted by VIPLoungeCasino.com (www.VIPLoungeCasino.com) and website The Real Bond (www.TheRealBond.com), Brosnan is still the people’s favorite.]]>

Daniel Craig rather wanting in the humour department.

<![CDATA[ All that visceral, muscular acting has, it seems, left Daniel Craig rather wanting in the humour department. It might have been hoped that Craig would react with James Bond-style nonchalance – or at least magnanimity – at being passed over for a Bafta at Sunday night’s awards in London. Yet it appears that he…

Beijing Pirates Skimming Bond's Profits

<![CDATA[BEIJING — “Casino Royale” director Martin Campbell was disappointed Monday to find pirated DVDs of his Bond movie on the streets of Beijing, hours before the film’s China premier and called such fakes a huge problem for the industry. Campbell, who was in Beijing with star Daniel Craig to promote the picture, told reporters he…

Daniel Craig can't park his car.

<![CDATA[JAMES BOND actor Daniel Craig is reported to be the butt of much humour around Hollywood because he can’t park his car. He’s just bought a Cadillac 4×4 that’s nearly 17ft long, and locals say they often see it jutting out at crazy angles or bumped up on the pavements. ]]>

No BAFTA for Daniel Craig!!!

<![CDATA[ A gracious monarch and a charismatic dictator took the top prizes Sunday at the British Academy Film Awards. The James Bond thriller “Casino Royale” went home with just one prize – for sound – Forest Whitaker took the best actor prize for his riveting turn as Idi Amin in “The Last King of Scotland,”…

Giannini returning for next Bond movie

<![CDATA[www.moviehole.netIn addition to Daniel Craig and Eva Green (who will appear via video- – or something), Giancarlo Giannini says that he too will be reprising his role from “Casino Royale” for the next James Bond instalment. Bond 22 will see Giannani’s character, Rene Mathis, “revealed to indeed be an ally of Daniel Craig’s James Bond.…

Casino Royale review by Tiff

<![CDATA[ alternative007.co.uk This movie did not live up to what I expected based on the critical and public reviews I had read. I think the producers attempted to take it from one genre (fantasy, tongue in cheek, action/spy movie) to another, (gritty, serious, action/spy movie) and left it somewhere in limbo.]]>