Ad Nauseum!

EON’s inexplicable ad campaign featuring photographic poses reminiscent of pharmaceutical, psychiatric, and beauty care flyers.  

Bohemian Travesty

Is EON grooming Rami Malek to play Howard the Duck in an Oscar bait biopic about the titular mallard?!  …

The Plot Thickens?

Daniel Craig appearing in EON’s bizarre suicide prevention/pharmaceutical advert promotional campaign.     This is the official synopsis of the…

Odd Job

Craig sick of Martini offers.

<![CDATA[The 38-year-old actor is bored of fans using the superspy’s infamous catchphrase and asking him if he likes the beverage “shaken or stirred”. He says, “I want to chin people who ask me that.”]]>

Odd Job

Daniel Craig trashes the Casino Royale novel.

<![CDATA[ 007 star ‘binned James Bond novel’ Wednesday November 8 New James Bond Daniel Craig threw the Casino Royale novel in the dustbin straight after reading it – dismissing it as “all right”.]]>