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Classic Bond Forum is experiencing server issues. As all of our sites appear to be. We are assured by our provider “the internet is working” however most members not surfing the web from a station located next to our providers server can’t see the forum. We are working to correct the issues for all of our sites.

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  1. I have NOT been able to log on to the forum for 7 days now!!!! I can get on to this main page but no further! What the hell is going on? Did someone place a virus on the forum to prevent us from logging in? A new member possibly behind this? Fix it!

    • Easy there BJ, Craig fans would never do anything to destroy us, without us they’d have nothing to talk about, other than how dreamy Dan’s baggy eyes look in the inky blackness of the cinematography!

    • BJ we had three other times when our forum went down. One was presumably the fault of our OLD host not keeping up-to-date with PHP upgrades, essentially they were using old standards when we launched and Yahoo never updated or allowed us to update. Just an overall bad hosting experience.

      The next time was not as bad and we came up with a quick fix to prevent it that even I could implement.

      The latest issue in the last year possibly two was a bot attack. Which is what I though this was until others looked at the data. Hopefully we will know more tomorrow.

      There are two things to try, what will happen tonight is what he thinks is the most likely cause. If it’s not there is another remedy to try.

  2. From all we can see there is no problem with the software or Databases. On top of the issues we know of with the forum this webpage keeps going off line randomly, I don’t know if anyone else besides those involved trying to fix it are seeing this happen.

    Apparently the host IT dept. can see the Forum with no issues, we can’t. From what I’ve been told the hosting company said it was local IP providers needing to clear catches, essentially whoever our home or work IP providers are at fault not the hosts.

    They guy I am leaning on to fix basically every online problem we ever faced is trying something a little drastic but if it works the problem will be essentially what he told our host was the issue in the first place.
    Our sites will go off line tonight and be online again in 12 to 24 hours. Possible much faster. I also need him to check our software once this site and the forum are visible online again. He has already put a days of work in for us trying to back to normal.

    All of the DB seem fine, all of the files seem to be normal.
    In fact through the management functions for the server everything is quick to respond and takes updates and downloads. It seems to be an issue with hosting.
    Hopefully in 24 hours all will be back to normal and online like it has since 2006.

    • I’ve been experiencing problems with this site being intermittently unavailable as well, even before the forum went down.

  3. I web surf all day and this forum is the ONLY place that I cannot get on to. The message on my screen always says SAFARI CANNOT CONNECT TO THIS LINK BECAUSE THE SERVER IS NOT RESPONDING. Why wouldn’t a hidden virus cause this? Nefarious work here guys.

  4. Daniel Craig is the worst james bond I have ever seen, his films make me dream of how boring they are, that he takes his suitcases and disappears because he doesn’t give more, he seems like a nightclub doorman more than an elegant agent apart who is ugly, low tall and with the face of a Boxer, the best James Bond are Sean Coinnery & Pierce Brosnan

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