Rest In Peace James bond 1930-2020


If 2020 couldn’t get any worse, once again a dark pall has descended upon Bond fandom, Diana Rigg, Honor Blackman, Michael Lonsdale and now, the man, the myth, the legend that is Sir Sean Connery has donned his heavenly jet pack and lifted off this mortal coil for that great martini bar in the sky.

Look out ladie-sh, here come-sh trouble!

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Sir Sean, not only as Bond but all his work, he is responsible for some truly iconic roles. I’m not going to claim Connery was a great thespian, he is however a fantastic character actor, much like John Wayne all of Sean’s great performances were iterations of himself. I bring this up not to besmirch him but to point out what an influence he was on Bond. Daniel Craig may be according to some “the ‘best actor’ to play Bond” but Connery is Bond or more accurately Bond is Sean Connery. 

The name’sh Connery… Sh-ean Connery

The effortless cool, the suavity, the visceral machismo, everything you automatically associate with Bond, pure Connery. I don’t know there would be a Bond, at least not the phenomenon it became, without Sean. No other actor could have propelled this juggernaut into the stratosphere quite like Connery.

Ready for lift off!

Having said all this, I feel as though I haven’t said enough, but what can you say about the man who personified the most iconic character to ever touch film?  

Rest in piece Sean, you will live on in cinema for all eternity and please give our best to Sir Roger for us.

Live footage from heaven.

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  1. Yes, very sad news indeed. You’re right in saying that had a lesser actor – one without the charm, masculinity or presence that Connery brought to the role – been the first actor to play Bond, then series may have never got off the ground. He really established the character of Bond in the public mind.
    He was marvellous in many non-Bond roles as well. The Man Who Would Be King and Entrapment are a couple that come to mind.

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