The November Man


Today is the day Pierce Brosnan realizes a decades old dream to make this movie, maybe a series if the movie is successful.

Pierce Brosnan’s action spy film, The November Man, doesn’t actually come out until August 27, but Relativity already feels like it has a hit on its hands, so much so that they just announced a sequel.

There are over a dozen entries in the novel series upon which The November Man is based, so lack of source material isn’t really going to be a problem. But will people come out for this first entry?

It a rather important milestone for Bond actors and the fans as well. Historically former Bond actors pretty much eschew the spy genre trying their hand at every other role they can get their hand on desperately trying to break the typecasting Bond automatically saddles them with.
Ten years after his dismissal Brosnan re-enters the spy movie mix with a low budget film. If Brosnan can successfully make a comeback to the genre will be it important to all current and future Bond actors opening new possibilities for establishing their career post Bond.
It is also an opportunity for Bond fans to show they are more than a every three or four year audience.

We will have to wait and see how Bond fans react to this movie, and if enough of them are willing to go out and see it.
When our Bond fans see this movie we will post their reviews here.

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The November Man Release Dates according to IMDb


Canada 27 August 2014
Germany 27 August 2014 (Fantasy Filmfest)
Iceland 27 August 2014
USA 27 August 2014
United Arab Emirates 28 August 2014
Iraq 28 August 2014
Kuwait 28 August 2014
Lebanon 28 August 2014
Singapore 28 August 2014
India 29 August 2014
Aruba 4 September 2014
Thailand 4 September 2014
Latvia 5 September 2014
Netherlands 11 September 2014
Portugal 11 September 2014
Serbia 11 September 2014
Vietnam 12 September 2014
Croatia 18 September 2014
Republic of Macedonia 18 September 2014
Russia 18 September 2014
Belgium 1 October 2014
South Africa 3 October 2014
France 29 October 2014
Estonia 14 November 2014
Brazil 27 November 2014
Lithuania 28 November 2014

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