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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Secretly Wed!


The happy couple pulled of an amazing coup, a secret wedding. My goodness! In a business where everyone talks about everyone else’s business it is incredible they were able to successfully enjoy their quiet ceremony with a few close friends.

All kidding aside (you know where you are, right?), all of us here at DCinB would like to sincerely wish Daniel & Rachel all the best and we hope they have a long and happy marriage.


people.comby Rennie Dyball

Update Saturday June 25, 2011 10:45 PM EDT Originally posted Saturday June 25, 2011 09:45 PM EDT

After a short, quiet courtship, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have pulled off a near-impossibility in Hollywood: A secret wedding!

A rep for Weisz confirms to PEOPLE that the actress has wed the James Bond actor.

As the Daily Mail first reported, the couple married in front of just four people in New York last Wednesday.

The lucky guests? Daniel’s daughter Ella, 18, and Weisz’s son Henry, 4, and two friends, the Mail reports.

First linked last fall, Weisz, 41, and Craig, 43, spent Christmas together in the U.K.

The real-life newlyweds play husband and wife in the upcoming Dream House, due in theaters this fall.

Special thanks to Alessandra who first posted the story.

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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Secretly Wed!

  2 comments for “Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Secretly Wed!

  1. Sirius Black
    Sirius Black
    July 8, 2011 at 7:05 am

    Father of Craig’s ex: Marriage ‘came out of nowhere’


    By Arienne Thompson, USA TODAY

    Daniel Craig’s sudden marriage to fellow actor Rachel Weisz has left behind a devastating trail of broken hearts, according to the father of the James Bond star’s ex-fiancée Satsuki Mitchell, right.

    Christopher Mitchell says that his producer daughter is so torn up over the actor’s covert wedding to Weisz that she has forbidden anyone to even mention Craig’s name in her presence.

    “His sudden marriage came out of nowhere,” the elder Mitchell tells The Daily Mail. “We heard about it like everyone else, by reading the newspapers. She doesn’t mention his name now and tells me off if I do.”

    And, he says it’s a shame because she was just beginning to get over their split from last November.

    “Satsuki has only just reached a happy place. She has since said, more than once, that the breakup was the best thing for her,” her father says. “She knew he was not the man she wanted him to be and there was something wrong in the relationship.”

    Mitchell, 32, and Craig, 43, became engaged in 2007 and even bought a penthouse together in New York last spring. But after their split, her father says she was so down that he became concerned that she had an eating disorder.

    “‘I have suggested to her on a number of occasions that she might have (a disorder),” he admits. “Yet whenever we’re together she eats like a horse.”

    Weisz was previously engaged to Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky, but announced their split just before she was spotted out with her Dream House co-star Craig around Christmas.

  2. Sirius Black
    Sirius Black
    July 10, 2011 at 6:04 am

    Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig ‘want a Bond baby’Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig ‘want a Bond baby’

    the newlyweds could shock us all again with exciting news

    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz got hitched in front of just 4 people

    Rachel Weisz’s son Henry, 5, is over the moon about her marriage to James Bond star Daniel Craig, 43.

    ‘Rachel’s been very careful about preparing Henry so he’s used to Daniel being around,’ says Now’s insider.

    ‘She’s anxious for the transition to be as smooth as possible and so far so good because Henry’s so excited to have James Bond as a stepdad.

    ‘Well, what kid wouldn’t be?’

    Rachel, 41, and Daniel surprised us all when they became man and wife in New York on 22 June in front of just four witnesses, including Daniel’s 18-year-old daughter Ella by his ex-wife Fiona Loudon and Henry, Rachel’s son by ex-fiancé, Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky.

    ‘Don’t be surprised if they shock us all again with another announcement of a Bond baby sometime soon,’ says our source.

    ‘Dan’s a real traditionalist and they both want a baby eventually, but he wanted to make them official before that happened.’

    Read the full story about Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz in Now magazine dated 11 July 2011 – out now!

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