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BOND 23: 007 on the Great Wall of China?


According to a confidential source at jamesbond007.net (a French 007  fan site) Bond 23 will be going to China to film a motorbike chase on the Great Wall. The plagued production is apparently looking to recycle rejected stunts from 22 year old scripts. Of course it is early days yet and there may be nothing substantive to this rumor. We do know from an interview with one of the writers work in earnest on first draft of the Bond 23 script was just beginning in early April 2011, so it is possible a completely different stunt sequence may end up in the finished product.

Google Translation form the French fan site.

According to a source of confidence, we can say today that Bond 23 will have a chase scene on the Great Wall of China. The scene had already been scheduled for the first version of “Licence to Kill” and imagined, then, by director John Glen. But the negotiations with China, calling such a veto over the script failed, the plot was altered and located in Central America in the film as you know it.

The movie “Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life” included a pursuit that took up this idea. We obviously hope that the effects of Bond 23 are less visible than in the production of Jan de Bont!

Eon has a habit of recycling good ideas are not used for various reasons. The most famous of the series is the scene of “For Your Eyes Only” where a boat pulls Bond and his beautiful attached to a rope in the hope that they will go crashing against the reef. The scene was repeated in several scenarios, but refused by the directors who thought it too hard to film, until John Glen, once again, bravely tackle it.

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BOND 23: 007 on the Great Wall of China?




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  1. July 7, 2011 at 9:22 am

    IS THERE GOING TO BE A THIRD Daniel craig bond movie,
    i hope so his first two were the best movies iv seen for a very very long time,


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