Explosions and Other Bombshells from the Set of Bond 25



A few days ago it was reported a major “bombshell” dropped on the set of the latest film in the James Bond film series. No, it wasn’t a major plot point, since none exist. Nor was it news that a title had been selected for this celluloid debacle! No the bombshell was that one of the pyrotechnicians had a short fuse on one of his shell bombs. Thankfully no one was seriously wounded, just one poor bloke standing outside the sound stage, presumably sneaking in a cigarette, suffered some minor injuries. I guess that would make it literally a “smoke break.”



Actual footage of on set explosion: 


Another bombshell not quite fitting the text book definition, dropped a few days later when it was revealed Craig and his nemesis in this film Rami Malek, would not be available to share screen time due to prior engagements. So way to go EON, you booked the hottest actor in Hollywood right now into a shooting window so tight any hiccup would throw your whole film deeper in chaos.


 Who is that masked man? A possible solution for EON’s scheduling trouble?


Let’s take a look at that hiccup, namely Craig’s boo boo sustained on set in Jamaica. When it happened we were told he would only need a week to recover, then it was two, now here we are a month later and it’s been modified to “two weeks after surgery.” In reality Craig will be sidelined a month and a half or more. So I’m guessing Craig’s injury was more severe than initially reported? Also it took him a month to get emergency surgery? Is he participating in a pilot program of his idol Bernie Sanders’ communist medical plan?



James “Jimmy Rickets” Bond


In much smaller bombshells, namely those shaped like Easter eggs, we will be “treated” to a wink, nudge, nod or homage in the form of one of Danny’s rides seen in the film. Spy footage shows an Aston Martin Vantage V8 similar to the one driven by Dalton in The Living Daylights, aped right down to the license number!



Oddly it’s being chased by a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser which is in turned being “chased” by two modern Range Rovers.



I can’t help but wonder if the modern Rovers are part of the scene or some sort of camera vehicles. I don’t see any equipment visible on them, but one has to question the inclusion of two vintage vehicles in this chase. Is this part of a flashback scene or do Craig and his pursuer escape from a classic car museum? At the rate this film is going, the world may never know.

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  1. Vincenzo
    June 17, 2019 at 9:17 pm

    Well, obviously, the explosion was Danny Boy’s wallet, bursting under the extreme pressure of it’s (mostly unearned) contents.
    Don’t forget to hold your phone at the correct angle, so the cameras can see the maker’s logo.
    Ching, ching, ching!!!

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