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Facelift; “The Whole Truth”?

Craig was replaced by Keanu "Do You Really Think This Is Air I Am Breathing" Reeves

Craig was replaced by Keanu “Do You Really Think This Is Air I Am Breathing” Reeves  as the lead in “The Whole Truth”


A few months ago Daniel Craig ,your favourite actor and ours, without a word of warring dropped out of the small independent production “The Whole Truth” mere days before filming was supposed to start. This understandably upset the everyone involved who’s schedules and perhaps livelihoods were thrown into chaos.
In one sense it was typical Craig behaviour, in another it was odd. After all he was observed, um, observing local court cases supposedly to get a feel for the role. Then why would he leave so abruptly? Of course we had our own less the generous theories of our own ranging from; producers’ cold feet seeing Craig in character. Maybe the accent was not authentic enough for their tastes. Perhaps it was simple as Craig not liking something about the production, like the colour of his dressing room.
We’ve covered how it was odd he abruptly quits. However this was not the first time he walked out on a movie production he agreed to be in. About a year earlier he quit Clooney’s The Monument’s Men as well. This is his pattern since the moment he signed a new contract with a big fat payday for Bond 24 & 25.


Poor fellow, thrust into wealthiest 1% without warning, since that blissful day he has not seemed inclined to search for employment elsewhere. Good for him, bad for those fans who’d like Barbara Broccoli’s butchered attempt at Bond to end and for someone to bring Ian Fleming and Cubby Broccoli’s dashing spy back to the big screen.
Aside from as one of our forum members said ‘wasting all those tiny lawyer suits bought for Craig’, what else was there? Well as it turns out maybe something more. Not long ago a rumour surfaced claiming the Bond studio and producers were very alarmed at how much Craig’s appearance has deteriorated since his last outing. So much they were pressing him to get a face lift before Bond 24.

classicalite.com:In what must be the exception that proves the rule, rumor has it that 007 Skyfall husband Daniel Craig is feeling pressure from the studio to get a facelift before the next Sam Mendes directed James Bond instalment, Bond 24, while the world still raves over his wife’s Rachel Wiesz uncompromised beauty in her latest film Lobster. Rumor has it that the only reason the studio isn’t pushing Craig even harder is they are afraid her might split. It is looking more and more like Daniel Craig’s unsteady marriage to the Bond franchise may end in its inevitable divorce even sooner than anyone anticipated.

46-year-old actor Daniel Craig isn’t the man that he used to be, or at least he doesn’t really look like the man he used to be.

Rumor has it that as the earth’s cruel joke, gravity, continues to ravage the poor man’s face so severely that the 007 producers are afraid that the audience will think that James Bond was exposed to some sort of severe radiation leak between films.

An insider told OK! Magazine that the only thing that scares the powers that be more than Craig’s deflated face, is his overinflated sense of self:
“Producers have noticed that he hasn’t aged well since shooting Casino Royal in 2006 and that he may be in need of a face-lift.

“[But] he doesn’t desire to go under the knife…They’re scared he’ll blow up at them.”

If they can talk the reluctant geriatric into the doctors off, Daniel will have more than enough time to fully recuperate before it’s time to start filming, as director Sam Mendes and Bond 24 co-writer John Logan haven’t come close to finishing the script yet.

The famed American Beauty visionary claims that if the script isn’t water tight before they start filming, everyone will die–or something equals dramatic as that (via Cinema Blend):

The next one– it’s being written…it’s ongoing.

For me, so much of it is about script…It’s like the building of a boat– once the boat gets on the current, it’s gone. If there’s a hole in the boat, you’re f–ked.

“So you’ve got to make sure there’s no holes in the boat, and that’s what we’re doing now.” 007 Splits After Facelift Pressure


OMG! Daniel Craig is Looking OLD!

DANIEL Craig needs a bit of Botox!

The Skyfall star, 46, showed off his VERY wrinkly forehead — and receding hairline — at the Opportunity Network’s 7th annual “Night of Opportunities” Gala in New York last night.

Maybe, just maybe, Craig’s behaviour was not because of any desire of his own. What if the studio pressuring him to undergo a facelift (a risky procedure for any actor to consider) forced Craig’s hand.
We don’t know if how valid the rumour is although a few of the items in the rumour proven correct; like the script not being ready. We now know this right on the money, recently it came to light the Mendes and Craig were said to have begged the dynamic duo Purvis and Wade (evil villains on some fan forums) to come back to the Bond family and fix the problematic Logan script.( ‘James Bond 24’ Movie News: Script Being ‘Saved,’ ‘Awful Lot Of Work To Do’ On Latest Daniel Craig Installment)
If the truth behind “The Whole Truth” is the studio force Craig to quit so there’d be enough to recover from surgery we will never know. Nobody in Hollywood would ever dare admit it, so right or wrong we’ll have to assume the Craig is quit purely out of caprice. Sadly not the movie series we’d wish he’d quit 😉

Special Thanks to BJ for the original post.

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