Forum Elimination Game: Incidental Music Final Results

VTAK MusicThe Forum game reached its conclusion, special thanks to Kris for his work compiling the songs and to everyone who participated. (Cheers!)

And the Winner is: A View To A Kill: He’s Dangerous (John Barry)

23 – Quantum of Solace: A Night at the Opera (David Arnold)
22 – Skyfall: The Chimera (Thomas Newman)
21 – Goldeneye: Run, Shoot and Jump (Eric Serra)
20 – Dr No: Love at Last (Monty Norman)
19 – Casino Royale: The Switch (David Arnold)
18 – The World is Not Enough: Access Denied (David Arnold)
17 – Licence to Kill: His Funny Valentine (Michael Kamen)
16 – Die Another Day: Going Down Together (David Arnold)
15 – Tomorrow Never Dies: Hamburg Break Out (David Arnold)
14 – For Your Eyes Only: Runaway (Bill Conti)
13 – The Man With the Golden Gun: Hip’s Trip (John Barry)
12 – Goldfinger: Golden Girl (John Barry)
11 – Live and Let Die: Baron Samedi’s Dance of Death (George Martin)
10 – From Russia With Love: Girl Trouble (John Barry)
9 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Sir Hillary’s Night Out (John Barry)
8 – Octopussy: Bond Meets Octopussy (John Barry)
7 – Diamonds are Forever: Mr Wint and Mr Kidd (John Barry)
6 – Thunderball: Search for the Vulcan (John Barry)
5 – The Living Daylights: Air Bond (John Barry)
4 – You Only Live Twice: Capsule in Space (John Barry)
3 – The Spy Who Loved Me: Bond 77 (Marvin Hamlisch)
2 – Moonraker: Flight Into Space (John Barry)

1 – A View To A Kill: He’s Dangerous (John Barry)

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