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James Bond movie set infiltrated by Turkish teens!

James Bond Skyfall Fight Scene

After all the trouble with a certain wildlife photographer you’d think EON would be a little more cautious in Turkey. As it turns out a group of Turkish High Schoolers easily bypassed security and got close enough to film part of the fight scene. The teens were apparently caught when one of them tried to get  to close the actors. After a pat down the teen was released, the search fails to find the cell phone the teen claims was hidden in his underwear. Humm maybe EON should consider hiring a few American TSA agents. 😉 Might have stopped the video of the fight from making it to YouTube.

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James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’s set had been infiltrated by three Turkish high school students in the southern province of Adana, Turkey. The nimble Turkish teens even managed to record footage of a fight scene from filming Skyfall.

Adana, Turkey / NationalTurk – İbrahim Ali Özden, 17, and two friends wanted to witness shooting for latest James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ at Adana’s train station but could not gain access due to tight security frome filming crew.

The tree chums avoided then security guards by sneaking through alleys and climbed their way nimbly over a wire fence into the train station. There, they crawled under train cars and reached the repair depot, where they grabbed off-duty workers’ overalls and helmets.

Teens sneak onto James Bond Skyfall set, film train-top fight scene

The teens disguised as repairmen, entered a passenger car and saw actors playing a fighting scene on top of another train car. Özden started recording the scene with his cellular phone but was noticed by security personnel once he got out the car to get a closer look at the actors.

‘The security personnel searched me once I was caught,’ Özden says. ‘But they did’nt do it thouroughly and could not find my cell phone because I hid it in my underwear. They made us take off the repairmen suits and sent us off the site. Anyhow it was an unforgettable adventure for me’

James Bond Skyfall is shot in Adana, Turkey

For the latest James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’, Adana Municipality has granted the filmmakers permission to use large areas to shoot the film in order to raise the popularity and reputation of this lovely city on the shores of Mediterranean.



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