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Beacons location film bites dust

Brecon Beacons

The location filming in Brecon Beacons National Park would have needed Welsh government approval

Continuing the Broke Bond story, er, I mean the Budget Cut story from last week this item from the BBC seems to add credence to the earlier story. It appears Team EON once again were flirting with local leaders to get favors and permission granted only to walk away at the last moment. This has happening often enough in Spyfall to raise more than few questions about the production.



A movie production firm has pulled out of location filming in the Brecon Beacons that sparked speculation it was shooting for the new James Bond film.

The film company, which has not declared its identity or details about the film, had asked to use Mynydd y Llan near Llandovery.

“Logistical filming factors” have been blamed for the company pulling out.

The park authority, which had fast-tracked the planning request, said it was “incredibly disappointed”.

There had been speculation the filming would have been for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.

The unnamed film firm had told the park authority’s planning officer’s that it intended to bring in 200 people for the production near Myddfai, Carmarthenshire.

The agent for the film company involved had said it could spend up to £1.4m locally.

It has said it was looking for access to the land for a period of three months, along with permission to create a chapel and manor house. Filming would take place over three weeks.

Any location work would have needed the approval of the Welsh government but that approval is no longer required.

“Of course we are all incredibly disappointed but we always understood that we were just one of many locations the film company was considering.A spokeswoman for Brecon Beacons National Park Authority said: “We have been informed that the area of Mynydd y Llan will not be used as a film set in early 2012 due to logistical filming factors.

“From the very early stages of scouting right through to the planning application, our officers have worked particularly hard to make this project happen.

“We hope to encourage more filming opportunities like this in the near future, so we wish the film crew every success and assure them of a warm Welsh welcome should they come back to the Brecon Beacons to film.”



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