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Noel Gallagher shoots down James Bond ‘Skyfall’ theme rumors

Noel Gallagher

The silly season of unconfirmed rumours is not over. Last week we got a tip Gallagher was going to be the choice for Skyfall theme song. A few days later the story was everywhere, today Noel Gallagher completely disavows the story. I am inclined to believe him since he does not know who MGW is 😉

It just goes to show how in the vacuum of real news from the production all kinds of clutter appears to take it’s place.

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Published Tuesday, Nov 22 2011, 7:05am EST | By Simon Reynolds |


Noel Gallagher has denied reports claiming that he will be writing the theme for the next James Bond movie Skyfall.

The former Oasis singer took to his official website to shoot down rumors that he will be meeting producer Michael G Wilson to discuss lending his track to Daniel Craig’s latest 007 outing.

“I don’t know whether you’ve seen a story that’s doing the rounds about me being offered the job of penning the tune for the new James Bond film?” Gallagher wrote.

“Apparently I’m being courted by “‘007 bosses’!!!!! A meeting will be ‘taking place in the next few days’!!!! With some guy called “Michael G. Wilson” (whoever he is)!!!

“A ‘source’ says, ‘Nothing has been signed or made official’!!!! Of course it f**kin’ hasn’t!!!!!! Who IS this f**kin’ ‘”source”‘? Has he been on the ‘sauce’? Bizarre indeed.”

The Sun recently claimed that Gallagher’s existing track ‘Freaky Teeth’ had caught the attention of Skyfall producers.

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