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Daily Mirror: Producers Demanding Craig Bulk Up Before Filming


The British tabloid the Mirror had a strange story about the 007 producers demanding Craig get back in shape for Bond 23, which is getting close to go time. The Sun claim the producers think Craig is looking “too scrawny”, to be fair a lot of people have noticed this over the last few years as well.

by Mark Jefferies, Daily Mirror 21/07/2011

BOND bosses have ordered Daniel Craig to pile on the pounds after he went “scrawny” for his latest movie.

The 007 star lost more than a stone for blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens. He now has just eight weeks to beef up.

Craig, 43, admitted: “I didn’t want to be big, I wanted to kind of be scrawny, that’s kind of the cowboy characters I always kind of liked, Lucky Luke, kind of scrawny.”

But Hollywood chiefs want him back to his muscle-rippling, six-packed best for Bond 23, due for release in October next year.

A source said: “The last thing we want is a skinny Bond. We want him back looking as toned as he did in those swimming trunks in Casino Royale.

“He bulked out originally for the role and we want him to do it again. He’ll be pumping a lot of iron in the next few months.”

Craig, who also appeared in Quantum of Solace, is expected to start shootinghis first scenes for the film in November.

Daniel Craig uses trainer Simon Waterson and his “total body workout” that burns calories but also jump-starts muscle growth. Daniel will be on a low-carb diet and only allowed alcohol at weekends.





  2 comments for “Daily Mirror: Producers Demanding Craig Bulk Up Before Filming

  1. exbagboy
    August 4, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    Flemming commissioned this illustration of Bond.
    He can pull off that look in that pic above with darker hair.

  2. commander0077
    November 3, 2011 at 6:11 am

    Looks like Sherlock Holmes, cerebral, not very cruel or magnetic.
    I think Humphrey Bogart was close to Bond in terms of magnetism. He didn’t have classic good looks, but he had something, and certainly not bland like Daniel Craig. Also, Bogart wasn’t bulked up, and neither is Bond. He wasn’t 6-2 like a Connery, but Bogart other attributes more than made up for anything he lacked.

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