Craig Embarrassed By Tintin Outfit

F**k me, I'm literally in a leotard with a f**king helmet on, and a camerastrapped to it' -Daniel Craig


In a meandering Esquire interview, which often got lost it the authors own thoughts, Daniel Craig who apparently was the subject of the interview eventually offered some frank, albeit profanity laced assessments. Among them was his dislike of motion capture work.

Here is where we rip him right? Not exactly. It seems pretty reasonable to be embarrassed by wearing such a getup. Pierce Brosnan admitted he was embarrassed to walk across the studio lot in one of his Mamma Mia! costumes, and surely there was a special outfit required for filming Percy Jackson.  I doubt there is anyone who has done this kind of work with a once of self-respect  that has not regretted the unfortunate uniform required. If there is anything to regret it might be Craig’s crass language, after all he is the current spokesman for the Bond Franchise. However we will let his words speak for him.

Jamie Bell & Andy Serkis on set

Suave James Bond star Daniel Craig hated the motion capture outfit he wore to film the new Tintin movie, because he was forced to greet stars including Clint Eastwood while sporting the embarrassing skintight leotard.

The British actor put Bond behind him to play pirate Red Rackham in upcoming blockbuster The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, which also stars Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg, and is directed by Steven Spielberg.

Craig admits the legendary moviemaker drew a number of famous faces to the set, and he was left red-faced as he met them wearing his super-tight costume.

He tells Esquire magazine, “We shot it in mo-cap (motion capture). Which is like: ‘F**k me, I’m literally in a leotard with a f**king helmet on, and a camera strapped to it’… (Because Spielberg was directing) every f**ker in the world comes to visit… (including) Clint f**king Eastwood… (I’m thinking) ‘I’m gonna meet these people dressed like this? Playing a pirate, wearing a leotard and a camera?'”

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