Ad Nauseum!

EON’s inexplicable ad campaign featuring photographic poses reminiscent of pharmaceutical, psychiatric, and beauty care flyers.  

Bohemian Travesty

Is EON grooming Rami Malek to play Howard the Duck in an Oscar bait biopic about the titular mallard?!  …

The Plot Thickens?

Daniel Craig appearing in EON’s bizarre suicide prevention/pharmaceutical advert promotional campaign.     This is the official synopsis of the…

Odd Job

Qtire named after Q

<![CDATA[ New tire with retractable studs from Automotive (1095 articles) March 15, 2007 We’re not sure whether the Qtire is named after Q the gadget guy of James Bond movie fame, but it would be entirely apt

Odd Job

007 has a temporary bout of Blindness

<![CDATA[www.moviehole.netDate : March 15, 2007 Posted By : Clint MorrisDetermined not to get typecast as a shirtless secret agent, “Casino Royale” star Daniel Craig is set to star in the Fernando Meirelles-helmed drama “Blindness” for Focus Features International, says The Hollywood Reporter. Craig and Julianne Moore are in talks to play the leads in the…

Odd Job

007 singing ABBA songs?

<![CDATA[007 singing ABBA songs? Pierce Brosnan (yep, Pierce Brosnan!) is set to join Meryl Streep in the film version of the Broadway hit, “Mamma Mia!”, says Variety. The former 007 sang a few Irish standards in the indie drama “Evelyn,” and sang onstage early in his career. But this will be a decided departure for…

Odd Job

Casino Royale – worst Bond picture ever?

<![CDATA[www.philbradley.typepad.comI finally got around to watching Casino Royale a few days ago, having read and heard such rave reviews of both it and the ‘new Bond’ Daniel Craig, who I’d seen and liked in various television programmes. Now, I know how everyone is saying how good this film is, how Craig is the best Bond…