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  1. Hello True Bond Fans,

    What do you think about Benedict Cumberpatch as the next Bond?
    I think he would be great and has expressed enthusiasm for the role.

    May Daniel Craig’s antithesis of Bond come to an end soon.

    Best regards, John Strickler

  2. Hi John,
    I am a big fan of Benedict, he wouldn’t be the first Sherlock actor to have a brush with Bond (Jeremy Brett during the late 1960s and early 1970s). After Daniel, Bond has become more generic action oriented drivel, as Fleming once remarked an ‘over gown stuntman’.

    Benedict’s performance in Star Trek 2 may open more doors for him, although personally I’d like him to be the next Dr Who.

  3. Who ever comes next as the new bond,Craig has created many milestones and history in this franchisee.The hottest sexiest and handsome looking real man,its eventually craig. what ever you people say blame and curse craig he stays the best in almost every segments of a perfect bond actor. He completed 10 years of epic bond movies that too with all having high success rates. Skyfall – The higest grossing bond movie of all the time, and highest number 13 in highest grossing movie in the world cinema. Casino Royale – the best bond movie ever (as per experts and film jury,academy,polls,plot and everything). Quantom Of Solace – Best Bond chapter adaptation, Spectre is number 44 in highest grossing film worldwide and still counting…craig is the most sexiest bond,the casino royale sea scene in which he wears a trunk is often described as the sexiest move by a man. daniel Craig even changed that foolish type of charachter i mean that nonsence character and made it a real men characgter,this was told by the telegraph…surf and search everywhere you can see craig is the best bond and even best after sir sean connery,Casino royale as best bond movie,Best action and fighting skills craig has got that,best realistic acting craig got that too,guiness world record for visual effects that belongs to spectre,skyfall winner aof cademy awards..best bond song Adele's Skyfall Winner of an oscar and a golden globe.Everything everything belongs to craig and his 4 blockbuster movies.Even previous bonds have approved craig as the best bond and best choice,even the owners of James bond franchise and Eon production Barbara broccoli and Michael.G.Wilson does'nt wants craig to quit,she told in a meet that "cant even think of a bond other than craig,we will try to make him stay as much as we can,he's the best and people love him". many many more is there guys to hear about craig guys,even Academy of motion pictures was about to nominate him for an oscar for best actor in a leading role for Casino Royale,think of that…bond actor nearly reaching oscar…wow…lots more to tell but am stoping now…discover more through online..also in 2005 when craig was shortlisted for playing the james bond and when he got selected even big media firm like the telegram made fun of him saying about craig that 'the name's bland,james bland….the same telegraph realised their mistake and start supporting him for his acting in Casino royale,from there they have given him only positive reviews and ratings for his movie and many critical aclaim for him…and one more thing craig is the only bond actor to earn maximum awards like BAFTA,saturn etc and many more that also for main roles…..so you people can say anything,dont think that just because of your words broccoli family will change him or what,people loves him,..so support him you all will have a surprise in the upcoming movie THE HILDBRANT RARITY….

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  7. Hello CraigNotBond –
    I’m a journalist from Nuernberg and i’d like to do an interview with you about the end of the Craig-Era.
    Your Press-Email does not seem to work, so I try this.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    • Hello Peter, I would enjoy discussing Bond with you, if you wouldn’t mind dropping a comment on one of my recent articles it’ll give me your contact information and I can reach out.

      Thank you for your interest in our opinion.

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  11. The forum no longer works now after 15 years????? What is going on? It shut down today.

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