The Unbearable Lightness Of “Being James Bond”

In October of last year the following documentary was unleashed to coincide with No, Time To Die’s release. Through all the slavish, sycophantic, undercarriage kissing, Danny Craig subtlety bemoans his good fortune at landing one of the most lucrative and high profile acting gigs in Hollywood. I don’t recall any anthology of Brosnan’s tenure once he had been unceremoniously ash canned. Nether for Dalton, nor Moore the man of all people associated with the francize did as much as he could to be a good steward to the series. Well of course none of those men were the subject of madam Broccoli’s adolescent crush.

Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Babz Broccoli looks at Dan Craig!

The last time they did one of these retrospections, 2012’s Everything Or Nothing a look at the history of the films on their 50th anniversary, when discussing the backlash over Craig’s hiring they gave this website a rather prominent place in the lineup. In fact, that was how I found it. I continue to get quite a chuckle out of the irony every time this site was mentioned in EON puff pieces over the years, even pointing it out on several occasions. This time however when it came time to discuss the dirty naysayers who balked at the great anointed one, this site was conspicuously absent! I guess EON finally got the memo.

At any rate I’m not interested in re-watching and dissecting this turkey, at least not alone, give it a watch (if you can stomach the saccharine) then drop down to the comments and we’ll discuss!


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  1. This mockumentary is comparable to the State-financed docs based on our beloved populist Latin American “leaders” who starve the population while getting every day more rich. Fake as f*ck. Nothing of depth in here, unless you want to laugh at Cregg’s croc tears as he feigns to love James Bond on his last day of shooting – moments after he unceremoniously marched the creation of Ian, Cubby and Harry to the gallows.

    • Yes NS, this thing has the stink of “mourn for dear leader” about it. The crocodile tears were a nice touch, washing away all the times he whined about how much he hated the character.

  2. Concur with these comments. Being James Bond squarely aims at people that thought Craig was all wrong for Bond. It was thin skinned and self indulgent. Now Barbara is going to “reinvent” Bond. I’m sure Wade and Purvis can do that. That’s all they have been doing for the last four movies. Woke Hollywood has ruined everything, Star Wars, Bond and all our heroes of yesteryear. Thanks DB for having the courage to call them out.

  3. Thank you sir, you’re right this is all one big F you to the doubters which is ridiculous. Craig ran his course, he got 15 years, they should be celebrating rather than mourning, even if this was a guy I liked I’d be ready for a change. Weren’t there people who prattled on about how Moore stayed on too long? Well Dan is only 2 years younger than Rog was when he hung up the mighty PPK.

  4. Kris must be going nuts with no forum to moderate! Still no email back from this website contact link.

    • Aww.. That’s too bad. I guess YOU weren’t paying for their upkeep with your richie trust fund after all. And the *Real* leader “Goldeneye” is conveniently unreachable because he’s just another deadbeat all along who never gave a shit. Just like that two-face “moderator” Kristatos who always covered for your delusional hatemongering filth that your self-declared “BJMDDS Discussion Board” monopolized. Because all three of you are assholes.

      And if that board is gone forever (which I sincerely hope it is), then I say good riddance to all of that chicanery that enabled and preserved all those sick jokes like that racist piece-of-shit “CUNT-Lippy”, phony starfucker “commander07707” (?), pathetic attention-whore “katied-whatever-she’s-calling-herself-now”, parroting suckup “Veronica”, that smug-ass prick “John P. Drake” and his charity-case psycho “Glorious England”, and your own personal pet whackjob “FormerBondFan” who ran away like a little b!+ch because they couldn’t take a dose of their own medicine. What a crybaby.

      But dirtybenny’s rants should stay put right here if they can; they’re still amusing. But you, “bjmdds”, can go stuff yourself. Because the truth is, you’re never mattered all that much to anyone.

      • How nice of you to share with us your self-destructive behavior. These forum members are obviously familiar to you but why you didn’t do this verbal assault on them in the actual forum when it was available only points to what a coward you are. Then, like a true narcissist, you go around dictating what needs to be removed or kept on this site. It must be slow at your day job, not enough clients to give “handshakes” in alleys. Folks, we got here a bona fide whack job.

        • He’s banned from the actual forum, for just such abusive behaviour. Hilarious to hear him say that we don’t matter when he obviously can’t stay away.

  5. There are, unfortunately, some people that get very agitated and abusive if you suggest that Craig is miscast as Bond and that the Craig Bond movies are not as wonderful as they as sometimes cracked up to be.

    Thanks, DB, for all the informative and entertaining posts over the years! I’ve enjoyed coming back to this website time and time again.

    It will be interesting to see whether the Bond movies return to being exciting spy action movies (like the MI series) or continue to be politically correct melodramas.

    • Thank you my friend, it will be interesting to see what happens, it could mean the very future of the franchise.

  6. How is that possible? When I click FORUM on the top of this page, it still says “
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