Rest In Peace Mrs. Bond


More sad news in the world of Bondom, Diana Rigg known to Bond fans as Tracy Draco the only woman whom could tame James Bond has passed from this world to the next. Beside her role as Bond’s loving and doomed bride, Miss Rigg was also well know as Emma Peal in The Avengers:

Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones:

And as Lady Holiday in The Great Muppet Caper where she starred alongside such beloved sock puppets as Kermit the frog, Miss piggy and Charles Grodin.

All kidding aside you will be greatly missed by film and television fans everywhere Ms. Rigg.

Rest in peace, God bless and say hello to Roger Moore and Honor Blackman for us.

  4 comments for “Rest In Peace Mrs. Bond

  1. And don’t forget Patrick Macnee, who departed this mortal coil five years earlier. “Mrs. Peel, you’re needed.”
    She certainly was. Farewell to an awesomely classy lady.

  2. Always felt she was a class act who never thought she was above her fans or above the work. A down to earth kind of lady. At least this was my impression of her. She will be missed.

  3. My favorite Bond “Women” along with Carey Lowell. Rest in Peace. I cant help but get snarky and say that in NTTD Bond will get married and they will try to erase the legacy of Tracy Bond. Hollywood is dead.

    • Sadly the 2005 reboot with Casino Royale already did that and Tracy and the events of OHMSS never happened in the current “Bond Universe” (pfft!).
      A shocking crime against Fleming’s legacy and yet another reason to deride both Craig and CR as hideously overrated.
      Tell you what though, if Marvel ever reboot Howard the Duck, Daniel Craig would be an absolute shoe-in…

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