Fresh Face or Mo Money Mo Problems

 Daniel Craig’s much younger replacement?



Bond has gone under many different incarnations since his big screen debut in 1962, an enduring series that has seen six different starring actors. The irony is when Connery left the series everyone thought it was dead, when in fact it was what helped keep it going. Had Sean stuck around phoning it in, audiences would have grown tired and moved on, but with each new actor a renewed enthusiasm became prevalent in the films.

That brings us to the current situation at EON. A production company bankrupt of ideas dragging a bored fed up actor back up in front of the camera and parading him about like a wild animal at the circus. His broken spirit evident in his sad lonely eyes, only the large lump of cash in his pocket to provide any solace from his master’s whip. Yes rather than taking the smart route and hiring a fresh face to usher in an exciting new era of Bond, EON reached deep in their pockets, which are apparently overflowing with cash, to entice a tired Craig back to the set. A Craig who stated he was done with the series and whom the audience at large is done with as well. Not only would it have made sense to discard Craig on a creative and marketing level, but on a financial one as well.


 Craig seen here demonstrating his acting style.

Depending on who is tickling the calculator, Craig is making a base salary of $25 million with back end incentives worth as much as three times that, bringing his potential total compensation to $100 million. I guess it takes a lot to get Daniel not to slash his wrists. Danny’s come a long way from Casino Royale where he made a paltry $3 million. Dan’s take from this one film will be more than Connery made from his entire Bond career put together, even after adjusting for inflation!

 The sum of Craig’s non suicide pact.

Bringing in a new actor would have cost a mere fraction of Craggy’s grand payday and wouldn’t have lost a cent of PR currency as the excitement of a new actor would have been far more titillating that the news of a lackluster return from Craig. Of course Babz Broccoli will hold on to Dan with both hands and a bear hug because she can’t let him go. You see the steely eyed lady of EON who rules her studio with an “iron fist” as she’s claimed, has ceded so much control to Craig he’s no longer just the series star, he’s the showrunner! Babz is still in charge just so far as she gives Craig the authority to run roughshod over everyone involved in the production. There may be a director but Craig calls the shots. There may be a casting director but Craig does the choosing. There were several writers on this debacle but Craig felt they needed one more. With Craig gone Babz would need to start getting her hands dirty with those icky Bond films again.

Will Craig come back for another after this? I’m willing to bet on it. He has no other prospects after burning every bridge in Hollywood with his onset demands giving little to no on screen payoff in return. On the other hand Babz Broccoli is more than willing to bend over backwards (and probably any other direction requested) to make Dan happy. Add to this the potential to clear $100 million for nine months work every half decade and why not, just get some more rubber masks for the stuntmen.

 This guy knows what I’m talking about!

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    • Hello Nate, I saw that “Bombshell” from the set! It’s an apt metaphor for this bomb of a film!

  1. That’s probably the nearest to genuine excitement or drama that this insulting pile of cack masquerading as a Bond film will ever manage to generate.
    Hope the poor chap was ok though….

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