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Spoiler: Skyfall lodge is destroyed in a huge explosion.

Oops! Our mistake. That  picture is from Harry Potter. And here I was about to say at least EON is being original. Essentially imagine the same picture except substitute Skyfall Lodge. You can follow this link for more spoilers and pictures Special Thanks to “Kristatos” Discuss this in our forum  

James Bond movie set infiltrated by Turkish teens!

After all the trouble with a certain wildlife photographer you’d think EON would be a little more cautious in Turkey. As it turns out a group of Turkish High Schoolers easily bypassed security and got close enough to film part of the fight scene. The teens were apparently caught when one of them tried to…

Wildlife photographer update

Military Byelaws

The Foraging Photographer posted an update to her blog explaining a little more about the situation, we have updated our original story to reflect this. From what we have read it does not seem the Military Byelaws in place at Hankley Common actually cover what the MPs were trying to enforce. While it is true…

Wildlife Photographer in trouble for Skyfall Pics

The only real news coming off the Skyfall set has come from photographs and video taken by bystanders. When filming moved to Hankley Common, near Elstead, Lucy Browne a naturalist photographer began following the developments in her blog, The Foraging Photographer . She got some astonishing photographs of the Skyfall set being constructed along with a…