The Bond 'Reboot': Has the EON Bond
Team finally lost their marbles?

Would you cut off your nose to spite your face? It appears that Barbara Broccoli
and Michael Wilson, the sister and brother producer team behind James Bond
have done that and more! Pierce Brosnan was the most beloved actor to play
Bond since Sean Connery, and his Bond films were among the most successful,
and yet he is gone.

Although EON and CR Director Martin Campbell have made repeated remarks
about Craig being their first choice all along, there is much information to make us
believe otherwise. The truth may be that after they let Brosnan go for fear of being
made to pay too much for him to reprise the role of 007, with the expectation that
popular and attractive actors like Hugh Jackman or Clive Owen would accept the
role. In reality, after EON lost out on both Jackman and Owen because they were
too cheap to pay them what they were already getting from other producers, EON
was forced to consider actors of a lessor box office pedigree. The fact that they
went with Craig just points to how lost and desperate they were once they walked
away from a sure thing like Pierce Brosnan.

Now, without a single known actor in their film, mainly because the most sought
after Hollywood actresses wisely turned down the opportunity to be in this
disaster in the making, EON is trying desperately to make the film more appealing
by developing Casino Royale as Bond's origin story. Given that Bond was not
from the planet Krypton, nor did he ever develop arachnid powers after being
bitten by a radioactive spider, his origin story is hardly appealing to the average

The fact is that both Bond fans and popular moviegoers alike would have been
more than happy to see a Bond film that was nothing more than another
entertaining outing with the highly charismatic Pierce Brosnan. They could have
even made an attempt to add some more of the drama and depth which hard core
Bond fans have craved since the days of Sean Connery. Instead we Bond fans are
offered an insulting stupid reboot, that takes place not in the 1960's of Dr. No, but
in the present.

Facing such an insipid offering, any Bond fan or movie lover should answer EON
with a resounding "thanks but no thanks."

As further food for thought, we offer the following commentary found at, written by the insightful Sunny Edwards.
Producers Rush to Appoint Daniel Craig
as Conciliation James Bond

After three rejections by popular actors, James Bond has found a taker.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, and try again. That’s the lesson learned by
James Bond film producers in their latest casting ventures.

Stinging from the slap of rejection by having three actors turn down the role of
James Bond, this week producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson hastily
abandoned plans to search for a youthful successor to Pierce Brosnan and
named 37-year old Daniel Craig to the 007 throne.

Broccoli had long championed Craig as her choice to play Bond, but was outvoted
by disparate opinions of Wilson, Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal, and director
Martin Campbell.

A-List actor and recent Academy Award nominee Clive Owen was offered the role
and flatly turned it down, favoring more creative control over his outside roles than
the Bond obligation would allow.

Box office star Hugh Jackman was next offered the role. He too turned down the

Although publicizing a strong desire to play James Bond, Jackman was reportedly
seeking a bigger payday than the producers were willing to extend.

Licking their wounds from snubs by A-List, Hollywood elite, setting their sites
lower the producers extended an olive branch to lesser known but highly heralded
up and comer Rikki Lee Travolta.

Hailing from the famous entertainment clan that spawned Academy Award
nominee John Travolta, famed director Joey Travolta, and Broadway star Ellen
Travolta, the six-foot Shakespearean-trained actor was the focus of a worldwide
fan campaign.

Unfortunately, while fans were eager to have Travolta sport the Bond tuxedo, the
actor was not so interested. With Travolta entrenched in discussions for what is
believed to be a notable comic book-to-film action role, the James Bond franchise
received its third rejection.

Rushing to control the media fallout of yet another round of stories citing the
tarnished image of Bond, producers needed to announce a successor to the Bond
thrown immediately or risk permanent damage to the franchise.

With factions divided over the box office promise of Julian McMahon, the youthful
promise of Henry Cavill, and the swarthy good looks of Goran Visnjic, Broccoli
was able to take advantage of the immediate need for a decision and push through
her longtime favorite Craig.

Although widely unknown to American audiences, the 37 year old Craig comes
with a notable resume in British film and television.

Craig, to the delight of the producers, reportedly agreed to the offer, proving that
the fourth time is the charm when it comes to Bond, James Bond.

An official announcement is scheduled for Friday.

Sunny Edwards