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If you visit the list for last week, the site reports the final number for CR at $165 million for the
U.S. (the all important market), and  they also list the film's budget at $150 million. Yes, the
movie wasn't necessarily a box office flop, especially when you count its world-wide take--but
when you consider inflation, higher ticket prices, all the hype and good reviews, you'd think it
would make more than $165 million in the U.S.
I think it's not all that rosy for CR. Here in America, the public has checked out this film--the
curiosity factor of a new actor, the hype--and my impression is that, once they saw it, they
weren't all that crazy about it or Daniel Craig. No wonder the film and the actor were forgotten
in the major categories for awards shows like the Golden Globe, The Oscars, and the Screen
Actors Guild.

Hello, soy de Buenos Aires Argentina , y estoy total de acuerdo con
ustedes..que Daniel Craig, es un desastrozo James Bond, v Casino Royal
destrozo la pelicula con sus actualizacion.
Muy buena la pagina !!!!!!

Craig is shit. I am sorry to say i didn't beleive. I saw casino royale, and it is the worstfilm this
year. Craig has the emotional intensity of a toothbrush, and
he looks like a tramp. The "torture" scene is pathetic. "Tell me what i want to
know or i'll kick you in the knuts"?!? Eva Green is shit, the baddie sucks and it is based on a
poker game. An hour long staring contest.

What the hell is wrong with those guys?

Thank you, please keep up the good work. Please, the world cannot be allowed to have to sit
around with Craig as Bond.

hyped reveiws, I am disapointed.
I'm a big Bond fan and I agree with you TOTALLY Daniel 'Troll Face' Craig is not Bond. You
will be pleased to know I am boycotting Casino Royale and I have asked friends to do the
I just wanted to write to you about this new film.  I won't call it a Bond film.  I signed your
boycott way back when the first teaser trailor came out.  Now it's December and Casino
Royale has topped the UK charts for two weeks running but has been kept from that position
in the USA (where the big bucks are) by some happy penguins.  

I see so many raving reviews by critics and really am perplexed.  First off, I'm a fan of this
character since I was about 7 years old.  In my teens i went through all the original books.  I
know my Bond and I know what's made him last 40 years.

Ok, Die Another Day for me went from brilliant gritty start with his capture and quickly
descended into a farce of a farce.  Invisible cars belong in afternoon cartoons not in Bond, as
silly as some films had gotten.

Casino Royale gave us vicious voilence, great.  it gave us a cold hearted bastard 007,
fantastic.  Now I have seen this film through the illegal method of online downloads.  I normally
always wait for the dvd but I wasn't paying to see this after how Pierce Brosnan was treated
after he ressurected a dieing series.  Aparently it was he who wanted the producers to go
Casino Royale and put some balls into the next film.  He also wanted his fair share of the
massive profits he was making for them. The response? let's get as cheap an actor as
possible and suddenly remake Bond in our own image.  Why else would you not give Brosnan
one last turn when he was making so much money for Babara and Micheal?  

Those script writers Purvis and Wade should have been fired after DAD...They came up with
a laser in invisible car...and an ice palace....that's it.  Truly awful and I can't
understand how they are employed by anyone.  

There are some good things about this new movie though.  It's edgy and dark and to be
honest Craig does a decent job in my opinion.  Well, he does the job tailored for him.  It's all a
bit one dimensional for me personally.  Anyhow, back to Craig.  I honestly have no problem
with him as an actor, thought he was convincing in Munich and entertaining in Layer Cake but
for God's sake...he is NOT BOND!  The scene where he arrives at the hotel and two tennis
playing women stroll by and coo coo at him made me burst out laughing.  The man doesn't
just have bright hair and a pug face..he has almost albino eyebrows!  

I read all these websites where people say UP Yours to the Bond Boycott.  I notice they say
Craig "rocks". That's just it..Bond has been Americanized and dumbed down which is a
tragedy.  SAS background?  And for a Bond who's back to basics his mobile phone seems to
do everything, he has a chip implanted into his Hulk like body that can be tracked from

To end, sure he has cleaned up at the UK box office and missed the mark in the USA but i put
my own odds on the next Bond with him flopping even more.  It was a decent generic action
flick..but this was no Bond film.
Craig will never do the tux justice and, in my book, could never even hope to pull off James
Bond. At least we have 40 years of Classic Bond to enjoy (*sigh*). Keep up the good work and
God bless!
ps....I watched Goldeneye on CR's opening wknd, just to bask in the glory of a great Bond
I'm a big fan of James Bond and when I heard Daniel Craig would be the new James Bond I
had a shock, but I didn't want to judge by his physical appearance, I had prefered to see the
film and for result it was garbage.
Now I think your idea to boycott the James Bond film via internet is good, but I think the better
action is to do like Bond: go on the backstage. I'm going to explain to you: the better thing to
do is to choose the best cinema, the well-known cinema of each capital in the world and do an
expression in screaming: Craig not Bond, or New James Bond a shit, or Brosnan will be back.
Strong slogans to stop this money machine with shit films and actors like Daniel Craig. Bond's
not a superhero anymore, Bond is dying. It's an insult for Connery, Moore, Dalton and
Brosnan EVEN for Lazenby to have Craig as successor.
We have to react outside, if we really are big fans. Daniel Craig doesn't deserve to be James
Bond, and maybe he has the same money than the previous actors who played James Bond
very well, it's unfair.
The producers made a big manipulation. Even Omega doesn't want Craig for the trademark.
Caterina Murino represents the watch, but did you notice we didn't see the watch worn by
Bond in Casino Royale? I'm sure it's because Omega didn't want him to represent the
trademark, Brosnan was an excellent choice for Omega.
Another plan: do not go to see the next James Bond film after Casino Royale, it's another
possibility to Boycott the Craig's James Bond films.
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I found myself anticipating the worst having been exposed to on-line advertising of the new
James Bond movie: “Casino Royale.” It was obvious that the new leading man possessed
neither qualities nor talent essential to portraying the main character. Nevertheless, I decided
to see the movie in a theater in order to give the new formula a chance and ensure fairness of
any comparisons with Pierce Brosnan who – I deeply believe this -- has given us the BEST
James Bond ever.  

I watched "Casino Royale" over the weekend and left the theater traumatized. I went to
Blockbusters afterwards and rented "Die Another Day" -- in my modest opinion, the greatest
Bond movie made to date. I really desperately needed to detoxify my mind. I watched "Golden
Eye" yesterday, and I will watch “Tomorrow Never Dies” tonight. Furthermore, I intend to
purchase all four of Pierce Brosnan’s Bond movies and keep them in my personal library as
the artifacts of the glorious past lost.

It is not too late. PLEASE, I implore you -- from the bottom of my bleeding heart and with a
shriek of horror in my dying soul – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring Pierce Brosnan back,
bring James Bond back. Perhaps a simple fact has been somehow lost on those who have
made the decision: Pierce Brosnan, in all of his unmistakable qualities, for all intense
purposes simply IS James Bond.

With most kind, humble and hopeful regards,


Saw the clips on Yahoo of Casino Royale.  I thought I would at least see something so I could
say I gave this Craig person a chance.  Well, at least I didn't have to pay for it.  

Craig is a dope.  His so called physicality is a joke.  What is he doing that other Bonds never
did?  And my God, is this guy's appearance a joke!  We are supposed to believe this guy is
going out and getting laid like Bond is supposed to?  Ummm, ok, if you all say so.  Gotta love
his line about only going for married women!  Wow, that sounds so appealing.  We gotta love
this Bond!  Actually, my favorite Craig movie is Road to Perdition, because he gets his brains
blown out in the end by Forrest Gump, no less.  

And this talk of reality over the so called fantasy of the Brosnan era?  We have a guy defying
gravity with his jumping around.  I was like, "Oh, come on!"  We're back in Jaws territory
again.  I am also not impressed with the actress playing Vesper.  She's not all that pretty and
her dialogue sounds so painfully contrived.  

The actions and comments by the producers, as well as Craig, have really pretty much ruined
my fondness for Bond.  I have been a Bond fan for most of my life.  Well, not so much now.  
We now know that EON never did want Brosnan for the part of Bond.  If they had had their
way in 94, Sean Bean would have gotten the part.  It was MGM that said, "Sure, we'll do Bond,
but only if you get rid of Dalton, and get Brosnan in there."  We also know that Babs had a
thing with Dalton, and is now having some kind of thing with Craig.  We see how business
works.  I do wonder if Babs ever tried to have something with Pierce and maybe was
rebuffed?  Possible, as there is no love lost there.  Well, that's it, that's all I have for Bond.  
Not buying the new Dvds, not going to see Casino...I am, however, going to see Happy Feet
and Deja Vu the following week.


A former Bond fan
I was really happy to see your website.

Being as old as I am, Sean Connery still is the only Bond for me! But time has a way of taking
characters away from an actor... ;).

I thought Pierce Brosnan was a wonderful Bond! Time hasn't caught up with him just yet, so I
don't know what these moviemakers were thinking when they chose Mr. Craig. While Roger
Moore was a good Bond, the fact that he was blond kind of put a damper on his portrayal.
Bond is NOT BLONDE!!!!

My opinion is this: when the first scenes in the "King Arthur" film showed Clive Owen, I was
blown away! My very first thought  upon seeing him was...OMG! here's the new James Bond! I
couldn't believe that any producer would even THINK of anyone else.

I am happy to see that others thought of him as well. Hugh Jackman, though I never thought of
him as a Bond, would be just fine...wink and nod.
saw the movie (CR) I can't criticize it without seeing it (now that I have) what a joke ,what a
nose(massive)  ,skinny ,wimpy & boyish looking ,blond  they better find someone else .I am a
bond fan from the very  beginning and DC isn't it.  
It's James Bond  NOT  James Blond
Cubby is rolling in his grave

I just saw Casino Royale, and I thought it was a terrible movie. Daniel Craig was stupid, and
the story and direction of the movie were incredibly poor. It did not feel like a James Bond
movie at all.
The writer and director tried too hard to make James Bond into something radically different,
and the movie did not have the normal elements which most of us typically enjoy in Bond films.

I really want a refund on my movie ticket.

They should just bring back Pierce Brosnan, and they should fire thedirector who made this
ridiculous film

From a long time Bond fan,

I've been following your site since the beginning! You've been doing great work. While I
personally prefer Dalton over Brosnan (though I did enjoy Brosnan's films) I agree with you
that Daniel Craig is a horrific Bond choice. He has absolutely no qualities a Bond actor should
have. I'm among the many who plan to boycott this film and any others with Craig involved.
Thank you for giving true Bond fans a venue to voice their dismay with the producers that are
ruining a box office legend of over 40 years.

But seriously, this movie is a real bore.

I dunno why I wasted my money on it. Watching the trailers looked as if the new bond had
arrived. But once in the theaters..Yeeks!!

Except for the first fifteen minutes of high adrenaline action - the movie has nothing to offer.

They could have had more such action scenes. Moreover,what made the director make us sit
through the silly card game. Big Time wasted.

Besides, I found there was no continuity at all in the movie.

There was hardly anything in the movie - some freaks have posted the new bond has arrived.
Man, this movie real sucks.

Seriously, I don't care about his looks, but he could have played a better villian. Hope the
producers/story writers and the director gives a better movie next time around.

I hate that movie!!

I didn't think daniel craig would make a good 007 and now I'm right! I saw the movie and want
my money back!

I am ashamed to say I saw Casino Royale this past weekend (my curiosity got the best of me).
I cannot describe how terrible Craig really is. This is not a Bond movie. And Daniel Craig is not
James Bond. Not to mention the "reboot" which pretty much scraps all continuity of the past 45
Bond is now portrayed as a cheap thug in the new movie.

I felt physically ill after watching it. The best thing to do is pretend that this isn't a James Bond
film. Just think of it as "Layer Cake part 2".

As far as I'm concerned, the series died the day Pierce left. I hope EON will stop making Bond
movies forever after watching this train wreck.
Casino Royale is the worst movie in the history of cinema.
The James Bond series is ruined.
I have been an avid Bond fan since childhood, owning the videos and DVDs of the 20
previous Bond installments.  I have read the Fleming novels as well.

I actually viewed "Casino Royale"  this weekend, and since have fallen into a mild depression.  
I feel as though they have ruined one of the last few things one could count on, "James Bond".

I attended not having any preconceived ideas about the movie, and not really knowing much
about Craig or the "rebooting" strategy for Bond.From the beginning, the magic that made a
Bond movie was noticeably gone. I recalled other action-adventure movies as I watched this
film, not a good sign.

I could go on and on about everything that I hated about this movie.  It is partially Craig, as he
gives me the creeps as a steroidal super-human Bond. But others share the blame. The
vision of this movie, while maybe seeming fresh at the time, sacrifices what made a Bond film
intrinsically Bond. Instead, a truly dreary film is the result.

Needless to say, they could have made this movie without any connection to James Bond and
it would have been the same run-of-the-mill adventure.
Unfortunatley, I did not boycott the film, but as I always see Bond
movies twice, they will not get my money the second time around.  I am afraid that
this may have been my last Bond film.  How very sad.  "James Bond Will Be Back",  as
it always states at the end of the film, but I will not.

Sincerely, Bond Enthusiast

I had the great misfortune to see the latest Bond film this weekend. I went in with low
expectations but was shocked at how awful the movie was, and in particular Daniel Craig.
There were times when I could not even understand his English, it was so poor. It’s not all
about his looks either, his acting was simply dreadful coupled with the worst possible script
makes this the worst Bond film I have seen.

This “re-boot” has failed, and I am sure that when Pierce Brosnan gets to see this he will be
quietly pleased that he was not asked to be in this film. What a disaster to the franchise! This
film may have broken records for a Bond opening weekend, but that is down to the fact that
people wanted to see if the new Bond was any good and the Sony PR hype machine being in
overdrive. I’m sure the next Bond starring Craig will be the biggest flop in Bond history, now
that everyone has seen him in action.


Daniel Craig looks like a chimp in a tuxedo. For the next movie,Bond should team up with
I agree. Craig is not Bond.
If Clive Owen is not to be, how about casting Adrian Paul of “The Highlander” TV series as
Bond?  He kind of looks like Sean Connery, he portrayed a Scot (as is James Bond), he has a
strong presence, knows martial arts, etc.

Anyway, it’s just a personal opinion.

I think Daniel Craig is plain looking at best and can't act.  He has destroyed the idea of "James
Bond" for me and I will never see another Bond film as long as he is in it.


This is want to thank about the EON producer Barbara Broccoli who hired Craig as the new
James Bond.
Barbara Broccoli (1960-2006)
Barbara Broccoli got punk'd to death

A Tribute to the dumbest producer who hired Daniel "Monkey Face" Craig as Bond, James
Clown agent 000.

Barbara Broccobitch (1960-2006)

Just kidding I was just messing with her mind for ruining the James Bond tradition that I don't
get. She's the dictator of EON Productions.